[QB] [ESX] Redutzu-MDT

Your alert system work whit what ?

You can make it work with any script, you only have to trigger some events

There is a way to try it ?


This is one of the best MDT, our server loving it

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Thanks :wink:

Having some troubles creating fine, just get a message “you have to be chief” and I am

Hi, thank you for your amazing script !! But MDT8 and SUMMER10 don’t work now, do you have a new one please ? Thank you so much and nice summer ! :smiley:

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You can use D700

any more discount there?

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Use “DSC1000” for 10% off

For the vehicles, can this be customized? I don’t use qb-dealership, but I use okokVehicleShop. And it looks like it pulls the data from the shared/vehicles.lua , which okokVehicleShop stores the vehicle data in the database, and doesn’t use the shared/vehicles.lua data.

it uses shared just for the vehicle label and category

I was afraid of that. Ok, well I will have to make some adjustments then to populate the data from the database to the SharedVehicles data so when I purchase this+ems mdt it can populate the correct information.

Hello, i couldn’t see on video is it possible to send person to jail through mdt and is there any coupon for discount

The video is of the first version of the mdt. “DSC1000” is still available for 10% discount.

I want to buy it right now, I wish I had a promo code, is it possible to use “DSC1000” yet?

I’m sorry but this coupon has expired last week.

Looks decent But kinda high priced for what you get way high

do you plan of doing just a normal menu version. im nit good at doing QB or ESX stuff n dont wanna pay anyone too do it

wow realy nice script do u think u can add cameras? on shop/bank?

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