[QB] [ESX] Redutzu-MDT


  • One of the most advanced MDT system on FiveM


  • Beautiful UI
  • Configurable
  • Notifications System
  • Modal System
  • Incidents System
  • Evidences System
  • Warrants System
  • Integrated alerts system
  • Automatic fines system
  • Charges system
  • Non-encrypted UI
  • Optimized (0.00ms idle/in use)

:postbox: Built-in support: loaf_housing / quasar-housing


:bug: Join my discord server

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ESX/QBCORE
Support Yes


nice job :fire:

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Hello. Is it possible for us to link the system to an item to open it? Can the judge also access the system?
If the answer is yes, I will buy it


Thanks :wine_glass:

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Simple answer, yes :wink:

Thanks I will buy today. You do not have points for the first purchase only. Discount on purchase :sweat_smile:

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Hey, do u plan to do a ESX version ?

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Yes, maybe in the future

40% off using the code “MDT40” :wink:

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Dammit, I wish i had 60 euro to spare but keep up the good work

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:tada: Thanks

Dammit, brought it on the discount they had and its worth the money. The only a few things that it’s a shame it doesn’t have

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do you have esx version

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yes, also there is a summer coupon available now (SUMMER10)

Hello . I want to buy both mdt products. Is there a discount code to buy both? Thanks

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You can still use the “SUMMER10” coupon :wink:

Just tried that coupon but says it can’t be used with my basket (esx mdt). Is that coupon not valid anymore?

Unfortunately that coupon has been claimed by too many people so it has expired, now you can use the “MDT8” coupon

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Oh alright, awesome thank you.

One question, how does the integrated alerts work? Shots fire, auto theft, speeding etc is all included? Is there a trigger or anything to add to other scripts?

Yes there are some triggers for both, mdt & ems

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