[QB] [ESX] Redutzu-MDT (v2.1)

  • The most advanced MDT on FiveM

:closed_book: Features:

  • Beautiful & East to use UI
  • Optimized (0.00ms idle | 0.01ms in use)
  • Fully unlocked UI (React.js)
  • Custom tablet prop
  • Incidents System
  • Evidences System
  • Warrants System
  • Housing System
  • Mugshot System (Item)
  • Alerts System (Dispatch script required)
  • Fining System (Compatible with QB-Management & ESX_Society)
  • Jailing System (Compatible with QB-Prison & ESX Extended Jail)
  • Send data to your discord server thru webhooks

:postbox: Built-in support:

  • loaf_housing
  • quasar-housing
  • quasar-smarphone
  • high-phone
  • road-phone
  • lb-phone
  • gksphone
  • ps-dispatch
  • linden_outlawalert
  • cd_dispatch



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000+
Requirements ESX/QBCORE
Support Yes


Wasnt there support for MF housing at one point?

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful mdt script!
it’s the best script I’ve ever seen and I’ve been using it since it was released!!



Any chance of jail support for rcore_prison?


You can make it compatible yourself (from the config)


I will add support for mf-housing in the next update

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Lovely work as usual !
I’ll probably get both scripts (mdt + ems bundle) but would it be possible to integrate bcs_housing too ?
If so, you got a new buyer for sure !

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This man is doing this job, this is what it’s like to be competent :gift_heart:

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You can leave a suggestion on my server

Can you add support to NPWD phone?

It is supported by default

Waiting for Mf housing support

Already supported

Hi there Redutzu

First of all this looks amazing and I am indeed interested.

I have a question or two if you can assist.

Whith mdt and R what is the R? I tried to look, but cant find what it is.

Then is it possible to intergrate bcs license manager?
Will you be implementing a animation and prop when opening the mdt. For roleplay purposes? If its already there and I missed it apologies.

I forgot to ask. Can I add more then 1 department?

I didn’t quite understand the first question :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is possible to integrate bcs license manager.

There is already an animation for opening.

You can set multiple jobs that can access the MDT

Thank you for answering. Oh I see that bundle pack you have is on for qbcore. It says mdt and R.

How you get it to work?