[QB | ESX] FiveM Panel


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FiveM Panel is designed to keep a better connection between the players and the admins.
It has never been so easy.


  • Simple installation
  • Real-time search for players
  • Tags Manager
  • Tickets System
  • Complaints System
  • Warn System
  • Ban System
  • Notification System (can be used from other scripts to send a notification to the Panel too)
  • Community driven project

Upcoming plugins

  • Events Calendar


Other Scripts

Code accessible [No]
Subscription based [No]
Lines (approximately) [7000]
Requirements [N/A]
Support [Yes]

Do you have a demo setup of this? Definitely would love to “try before I buy” kind of thing, the video shows a lot granted but more or less curiosity sakes.

One of them is wrong, also it’s not 'open source ’ if it’s paid just source available.

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Updated, thank you for notice, as an additional information, all the web is not minified or obfuscated in any way.

Only the resource is.