[QB/ESX] cz-mdt | PD/EMS Mobile Data Terminal

This is what I have fixed in the last update, did you make sure you downloaded the latest version?

okay ive done that and it works! now im having the penal code issue. what would the database table be called to read? for the penal codes

mdt_charges, there is some extra documentation under Notes in the original post above :slight_smile:

any preview for the EMS MDT

yeah all sorted now thanks! Is there a way to fine people through the MDT? So when the get jailed or fined it will be though the MDT rather than doing a t/ command

No, this has no jailing or fining functionality. This is for more accessibility and compatibility with all sorts of jail scripts

whats the difference between encrypted and non encrypted

Hello, great script, can this be translated easly? And maybe change the currency of the MDT for the fines

The encrypted version has no access to the lua code and the non encrypted version has full access to everything

The HTML is accessible so you can translate everything, but there is no translation config or anything alike

why the License not working ?

Are you using the lateat version? And if so, what is not working? Are there any errors?

And just to confirm, this is on the latest updated version?

Yes it’s the latest download yesterday and still giving me that error and charges don’t show have to restart scrip for it to show

I have found the issue and will be uploading a fix today! Sorry for the wait and thanks for reporting the bug :slight_smile:


  • Fixed ESX version for new players loading in

Hi there.
Getting an error on the server when trying to lookup a couple of vehicles.

[script:cz-mdt] SCRIPT ERROR: @cz-mdt/server/main.lua:31: attempt to concatenate a nil value (field ‘?’)

Can you help?

I think the problem is that we allow our players to colour their vehicles based on RBG values… so the database for example contains: “color1”:[83,86,90,50]

I will implement a fix here soon for that!