[QB/ESX/Custom] Project X FM V2 Fleeca Bank Robbery - 50% Opensource



  • 24/7 Support
  • 50% Opensource
  • 0.00ms (Resmon)
  • Completely unique steps, nothing inspired
  • 2 Approaches (high risk, high reward and no risk, fixed reward)
  • Global Cooldown between all our heist and bank robbery scripts
  • Progression item obtained at the end of the heist to link all robberies
  • Supports Drawtext and Target
  • Supports all Inventories
  • Supports all Emote menus
  • Supports all Dispatch Systems
  • Supports all Skill Systems
  • Supports Ox Target and Inventory
  • Detailed README on how to install
  • Exploit and Duplication checks + Discord Logs
  • Synced with all other players
  • Full translation available
  • Customizable minigames
  • Completely customizable items/durations/animations/rewards
  • Evidence System
  • Stress System
  • Alarm System
  • Reset Commands
  • Strike system (Failing minigames) which leads to having rewards cut
  • Unique puzzle to obtain the secret keyword using an Employee List
  • 3 Types of trolley rewards (Cash, Gold, Diamond)
  • Choose each trolley’s reward (Per stack picked up or at the end of the animation)


  • Change core name
  • Change framework
  • Change Emote Menu
  • Change Dispatch System
  • Change Inventory
  • Change target name
  • Change between target and drawtext
  • Change cooldown timer and location
  • Change police required
  • Change Icons/Animations/Durations
  • Change item names
  • Change rewards (Items, Amount, Type)
  • Cooldown (Global or individual bank cooldowns)
  • Fully customizable employee list configuration
  • Strike limit and Strike punishment, Loud Approach Reward
  • Skill System Status and Required level


  • Core functions
  • Progress bar
  • Notifications
  • Emote exports
  • Dispatch exports
  • Inventory exports
  • Minigames
  • Money functions
  • Inventory functions
  • Police count
  • Discord logs

FM Fleeca V2

Code is accessible Partial (Opensource and config files)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) Approx 1900
Requirements ox_lib, FM V2 Fleeca
Support Yes

very nice script

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Great work

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Coding is very good, great support. Just awesome!

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Very nice script

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When i say that the work here is creativity at its best just know i mean it…Proof is in the Config lol

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keep up the good work

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