[QB/ESX] BK Government System - The Most Advanced FiveM Political Script

BK Political System

The most advanced FiveM political system script is here. Based on real-life politics, this is the most realistic and interesting resource for the political roleplay in your server.

Preview (YouTube)

Note: The showcase doesn’t fully capture all the elements in the script.



  • Create/end elections.
  • Add/remove political parties from specific election.
  • Clear votes for specific players.

Voting for deputies

  • Set title.
  • Set specific time for the voting process.
  • Every deputy in radius will get the opportunity to vote.

Political parties

  • Create/remove political parties.
  • Manage your political party.
  • Join/leave political parties.
  • And more.


  • Add laws.
  • Edit laws.
  • Delete laws.


  • President: Controls the voting for citizens, hire/fire deputies, approves/blacklist political parties, works with the treasury and manage the laws.
  • Speaker of the National Assembly: Controls the voting of deputies, convenes sessions.
  • Deputies: Has the option to vote for laws/other proposals.
  • Every citizen: Can register political parties, after which the president must approve it. Once approved, they can rename it, add/remove members, and delete it.

UI menus

  • Voting for civilians.
  • Voting for deputies.
  • Law menu.
  • And more.


  • National treasury.
  • Hire/Fire deputies.
  • Send email to all deputies.
  • Discord webhooks.


  • 0.00-0.01 ms on idle.

  • Highly configurable.


Buy Escrowed 28.99$



Dependency Information Requirement level
qb-target/ox_target/custom Used for 3-rd eye Optional
qb-menu/ox_lib/custom Used for the menus in the script Required
qb-input/ox_lib/custom Used for the input options in the script Required
qb-phone/LB-phone/GKSPHONE/qs-smartphone/YFlip Phone/custom Used for the email features in the script. Required


Dependency Information Requirement level
ox_target/custom Used for 3-rd eye Optional
ox_lib/custom Used for the menus and the input options in the script Required
LB-phone/GKSPHONE/qs-smartphone/YFlip Phone/custom Used for the email features in the script. Required



Code is accessible No, configurable options are available (Escrowed)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500+
Requirements Stated above
Support Yes

now all this needs is taxation to be added

otherwise greate resource


yeah that would be an insane idea

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wow this is amazing, was just looking into the political system in GTA.
is it possible to have an option to pay to register as a political party, to stop every random registering?

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Hello, sorry for the late response. If you still need this information here is the answer:

At the moment you can’t pay to register a party, but the president needs to approve it in order to be registered.


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