[QB] dc-slots | Casino slots

Well since a certain user made this completely custom and this apparently isn’t native GTA. Here is my conversion of the completely free to find decompiled casino script. If I find the time I will also do the rest of the casino. Hence why this is released under a repository called dc-casino.

Testing is still needed for if I didn’t account for something. Open issues on GitHub.

Resource works as is. You can use any casino slot model around the world. Spin, bet, sounds, animations, SetRoutingBucketEntityLockdownMode compatible. Bet amounts and miss chances per machine. Miss chances change on each resource restart so players can’t go and “figure” out which one is the best.

Edit: Might I add that this is also the only casino slotmachine resource that is using the N_0x45f35c0edc33b03b native to enable the lever animation when spinning.

THANKS TO @ihyajb FOR GETTING THE SCALEFORMS GOING. Almost had it myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


For me is working as intended, good work!


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cool script!

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Great script however I get this error


niceee. thanks

Only occured when someone left the server and had no effect on others. But fixed with latest updates. Should be.

Excuse me sir where is my credit :frowning:

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Oooo shiny.

No shot you did nothing else but provide a useless picture with multipliers

finally released it, congrats!