[QB] Caravan Housing ( + Detailed DealerShip, +Interior) "Motorhome/RV/Mobile housing" | Lambra

Basicly it’s your second house on the road, check the features below

Showcase Video


  • Drag & Drop;
  • Fully configurable and UserFriendly;
  • It’s a normal vehicle, so you can store it in your garage, customize/tune it;
  • You can set multiple vehicles/trailers/boats etc models;
  • You can set different interiors for each type of vehicle;
  • You can set different slots/weight on the stash for each type of vehicle
  • Lock/Unlock system;
  • Detailed Dealership that shows how many slots/weight the vehicle have;
  • People inside the caravan may get dizzy if the vehicle is going to fast;
  • Nice and clean to interact;
  • Highly optimized (0.00ms when idle);
  • Protection against "Triggers Executors (cheaters)" to receive rewards;

Requires : Currently only QBCore

Download: Tebex

:books: Other Releases


Really cool script! I like the idea and the price is just on point! Job well done my friend! :slight_smile:

Mine was first >:(

First to publish, but surely not the first making it

Jokes aside crazy that we released such simular scripts at almost the same time

So confident? :pinched_fingers:

the script is opensource?

it uses escrow to prevent leakings and protect people that actually buys


Now it supports target resource too;

If you convert for esx legacy i pay

Is it instanced ? I mean what if more people use different Caravans at same time and teleport inside ? They gonna teleport inside same Interior ? xD

Not instanced, the script uses dimensions / “Buckets” that’s the name FiveM gives :slight_smile:
So don’t worry


Added new file server/events.lua;
(You can edit the Buy Process, if you want for example to use a custom VIP currency, etc)

Is this qb-target compatible?

do you have esx version?

Unfortunately there is no esx version.

Excelent Script. Nice Support <3

Awesome script! Saw it and had to have it! :smile:


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