[QB] Bail Bonds / Bondsman Job Resource (Prison Bails)

This is the perfect job resource if you’re looking for some fresh new criminal roleplay!
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  • Heavily Optimized
  • Lots of features for legal & criminal roleplay
  • Tons of configurable options
  • CitizenFX Escrow Protected


  • Bondsman Job to handle bondsman features
  • Bondsman Tablet item for users with the job to view ongoing bails
  • Police command /bond to set the bond amount for a player
  • Job command /bail to pay their bond and bail them out
  • Bondsman Headquarters for players out on bond to make payments
  • Bondsman Laptop to view all players who owe money to the company
  • Bondsman Armory for people with the job to get equipment

Config Preview:

Purchase this resource over at https://revity.cc

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements qb-core, qb-target, ox_lib
Support Yes
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+1 using on PlusLife RP, very configurable to my liking. Quick support from developer

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Can you add support for multiple police jobs?

It now supports multiple police jobs, thank you for the idea!

Support is terrible. This script isn’t working for me. Other than asking 1 question of me, and swiftly getting a response they have not even tried giving support. I purchased this script as well as their Credit Script script and neither one of them are working. The scripts are very encrypted so I can’t even begin to look into the code to see if I can find any errors. It has been 7 days since I opened this support ticket, and 5 days since their 1 response.


Not available anymore? Link is no good.

Hello, is this no longer available?

Link down