[Q&A] GCPhone Questions? Ask them here, Will update main post frequently with updates


For discord webhook work you must do this steps:

Go to folder image
Paste your webhook:

on next line change enything you have there to : image

save and close

then go to folder image
and open client.lua
scroll allway down its around 750 line ±

and check if you have this part of code absolutely same :slight_smile:

    elseif IsControlJustPressed(1, 176) then -- TAKE.. PIC
      exports['screenshot-basic']:requestScreenshotUpload(data.url, data.field, function(data)
        local image = json.decode(data)
        CellCamActivate(false, false)
        cb(json.encode({ url = image.attachments[1].proxy_url }))
      takePhoto = false

focus on : image
where you want to have a writen image
and also focus on this image
where you want to have writen ({ url = image.attachments[1].proxy_url }))

Thats all , go to game /restart gcphone 2x becouse 1st load in cache and 2nd time its ready to use GZ

I’ve got the same. Check your logs. Mine shows something wrong with the SQL setup file, but I cant work it out.
[ script:mysql-async] [MariaDB:10.4.21-MariaDB] [ERROR] [gcphone] An error happens for query “SELECT * FROM phone_calls WHERE phone_calls.owner = ? ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 120 : [“914-6922”]”: ER_NO_SUCH_TABLE: Table ‘bn1city2.phone_calls’ doesn’t exist

the SQL file seems to create them in es_extended instead. Which is fine if the two talked to each other :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m trying to open another menu from another script with an app, I added the icon and it loads too, but I don’t know how to get it to open the menu from another script. i think i have to do it with a trigger . could someone help me

Numbers aren’t generating for my players, How can I fix this?

i have the same error i have 40 slots how can i disable mumble?


So, I installed the resource correctly but its not generating the french numbers… i’m using the

function getPhoneRandomNumber()
   return '0' .. math.random(600000000,699999999)

and also in the config.json, useFormatNumberFrance is set to true…
phone_number is also in the user table with the correct settings… datatype VARCHAR length 11

but i can’t get it to work, keep getting the short numbers

does someone has a solution?
Thanks in advance

Uploading: image.png…

Why are some of my icons not showing
i use:src_htmlphone

I’m trying to add the base.sql to my database but I get an error

ALTER TABLE users ADD phone_number VARCHAR(10) NULL

#1060 - Duplicate column name 'phone_number

Don’t know what I am supposed to do, its my first time putting something into my database manually

It’s literally telling you that you already have phone_number in your database already…

This is one of the most simple things to do…

Go into your database (HeidiSQL assuming you’re on a windows VPS) go to the USERS table, and right click on “Phone_Number” in the table, and click Delete/Remove… Then run the phone sql.

You can run this by copying into a new mysql script: (select your DB)


this will run even though it exists.
you might also need to drop the old phone numbers, because they might not work if the format changed.

How do you make the phone calls work

Hey, i dont have a phone number?

Okay? Details gets support

Okay, so i installed the phone correctly , the phone is working fine, but when i go to settings there is no phone number, and in myphpadmin , is at users>phone_number , there is not an number there is NULL i tried the fix from you but it still doesnt work :<

Reinstall the phone sql into your database. That or you have something wrong with the phone version. But it usually is just an sql error on the servers end.