[PVE]Drugs Life V - Become a "E" thug and take over the world!

Ever wanted to become a gangster? Rob stores, sell dope on the streets and just live life on the edge?
Well now you can do all of this and more on Drugs Life V !

Drugs Life V is a PvE server which means NO PVP i t also means NO ROLEPLAY as this is NOT A ROLEPLAY SERVER.

On Drugs Life V you will be able to play the role of a drug dealer. Buy and sell drugs to any civilian you can find on the street but beware the cops are always lurking you never know if one of those people might be an undercover cop…and getting caught means losing it all.

This server is currently in beta as it still has a lot more features that need to be implemented.


Drug Dealing - Buy/Sell drugs to AI civilians on the streets. Earn street reputation and unlock new drugs and dealers. Not all dealers are marked on the map so good luck on finding them.

Skills & Progression - Almost everything you do will earn you skill experience. The higher the skill the more things you are able to unlock. (Current Skills - Hotwiring, Street Reputation, Robbery)

Vehicles - Almost all cars will either have a chance of being locked, or unlocked. Its up to you to use lockpicks to break into cars and hotwire them…dumpsters…

Police - Police work like they do in normal GTA V they will come after you for pretty much everything you do. Also there are undercover cops that will most likely ruin your day and possibly make you rage quit but…that’s life.

Chopshop & Store Robberies - Chop cars depending on what the chop shop wants at the time and yes rob stores

So that’s basically it, grind hard to become the biggest,baddest, gangster in the city. Also remember ALOT more features are planned. OH and lastly THIS IT NOT A ROLEPLAY SERVER :)

Discord : https://discord.gg/6xHuXwG

Server IP :

Screenshots : See post below


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Updates / Changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused higher ranks to receive less hotwiring experience
  • Fixed an issue that caused the shrooms dealer to not spawn in
  • Fixed an issue with XP chances that would cause police to be high for lower ranks
  • Fixed an issue that caused shopkeepers to be intractable during store robberies
  • Fixed an issue that caused store robberies to give incorrect skills and cash amounts
  • Fixed and issue that caused the xanax dealer to be intractable

i cant join the server

thank you