Purgatory 1883 | Serious RP | 18+ | Ranching, Businesses, Player Economy | Active Staff

Purgatory 1883 is a new RedM community in Beta Stages built by role-players! We have played in the servers, staffed servers for RedM and FiveM. We are creating this community to bring a strong roleplay environment while having a friendly community to enjoy it in. We spent countless hours scripting the server and making everything feel organic and fluid so that you the player can enjoy it without having any hassle or annoyance. We have also taken the time to make sure the server is streamer friendly and modified any questionable scripts with warnings to let you know prior to activating.

RedM has a beautiful roleplay community and the environment is perfect to do so! We offer everything from Lawmen to Outlaws all the way to civilian businesses with player ran economy such as Ranching, Stores, Horse Training/Taming, Trains and more… To help create the rich environment of roleplay we integrate VOIP voice chat onto our server for all players to enjoy.


Start your journey today, the Purgatory awaits!

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