PureLifeRP/Looking for members

PureLifeRp is looking for members Non esx/vrp/vmenu but it is a cashoutcore framework.

I am looking for serious roleplayers/admin team that want to be part of a community that is different from the rest.

Some in city things include:
Government housing for each player and with the option to purchase any house in the city through a real-estate agency.

A custom drug system that allows you to sell to locals through out the city.

A custom recycling center for certain items to use through out the city. :shushing_face:

A mechanic job/system that will repair any and all vehicles.

Custom police/ems system for those wanting to roleplay law enforcement/ems. :policeman:

Custom judge/judge and courtroom system for the criminals!:man_judge:

There is a ton of side jobs through out the city as well!

This is just a few things in the city and you’ll have to come join to find out the rest!

If this has interested you in the slightest please join the discord : https://discord.gg/e4htVANsCQ

I like forward to meeting all the new people!

VR, Collyy


A simple bump

This post is still relevant 07NOV20

It’s so nice, easy for new players, great administration, different from most of the servers!

If anyone is interested in be involved in the background work or front end work of this server please don’t hesitate to message me on discord. Its just me right now so any help would be dope! Still looking for members and admin team :blush:

I’ve turned off Whitelist for now and you can connect with IP : :slight_smile:
You still need to connect to team speak at PureLife.tsservers.com!

bumparoni, come join us and help us out!!!

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Love the fact this server facilitates RP and everything is custom. It’s not your generic server knockoff. I also love the fact you don’t have to have to stand in a circle to make money, you keep moving and it increases interactions with other players as well as to explore different parts of the city. I joined the discord and it’s a super welcoming community with a very bright future. I was looking for the in-depth roleplay with immersion and I found it here! Plus I get to play multiple characters! Amazing server.


Appreciate it man, glad to have you in the community!

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Bump, doing an incentive! Hop in the discord, bring ya friends and once fully released, expect 5k!!

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Bump, Server updates are going along very smooth as we grow our server. The server release looks to be on time. Come join the community if you are looking for a new home :slight_smile:

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Lots of changes happening here on PureLifeRP as we push forward towards our release :slight_smile:
Remember the Discord: https://discord.gg/tVrVtaSDj8 if you are looking to just play or interested in doing any server work.

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This is a bump to show we are still very much active and working hard on the server to make it how we like it. PureLife is still looking for members and possibly staff. If you are interested in any way to find a new server please feel free to join the discord at https://discord.gg/zxYg62c48Q
You might be surprised and end up loving this community :blush: