Pulse RP | Custom Framework 100+FPS | Active Staff | Imported Cars | Custom Clothing & Hair | Whitelisted Jobs | Drugs | Racing | Multi Character | House Robberies | Recruiting all Positions

Server Name - Pulse RP

IP Address - cfx.re/join/68grzd

Discord - https://discord.gg/uC6URxB

Description - We are a new server with serious roleplay and many custom features. We are a friendly and helpful community with active admins that are willing to help and answer any questions or concerns. There is a huge range of both legal and illegal activities to keep you occupied while building the storyline of your character. We are currently recruiting for all types of job positions and we would love the opportunity to meet you in the city!

Features :

Whitelisted Jobs

  • Taxi
  • Car Dealer (with beautiful custom beach dealership)
  • Mechanic
  • Police
  • EMS


  • Fleeca Heist
  • Money Truck
  • Convenience Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Pacific Standard
  • Chopshop
  • Power Plant


  • Oxy Runs
  • Drug effects
  • Growing weed
  • Pick up and process drugs (In development)
  • Selling to locals
  • Taco Shop

General Features

  • Custom Interiors
  • Gun attachments
  • Gold
  • Fishing
  • Character Select
  • Imported Cars
  • Custom Handling
  • Custom Clothing & Hair
  • Custom Dealership
  • MDT
  • Racing Script
  • Prison Break
  • Hotkey Inventory
  • Housing/Motels
  • DOJ

Fantastic RP server. Friendly and extremely active owners and crew. Updates frequently and lots to see and explore!


Great RP! Very friendly community. I hadn’t had much experience in RP and was nervous to get into it but this server is great and very friendly to new and old people! They are very welcoming and the admins are easy to talk to and do a great job.


I’ve been in quite a few servers and I can say with a fact that the mods in this server are the smoothest running/most fun that I’ve came across so far. There’s a lot to do with a lot of room for RP growth, admin team goes for Roleplay>Ruleplay, which is why when they asked me to join the team I absolutely had to grab that opportunity.


Honestly one of the best servers I’ve ever been in! Friendly Staff, Amazing Rp, and lots of things to do around the city to keep you busy. All of the people in this server are the best people you can meet! Many more things are being added, this server is so much fun! Thank you to the owners & staff for all the hard work they do to make this the best server out there!


Having a great time here, there is a ton of stuff to do and figure out to keep me busy! All the people on the server are super friendly and have great RP and that makes for a great experience! Rated 10/10!! Every job in the city is looking for help right now so jump on the opportunity now!


Bump :slight_smile: Lets get some people in tonight. How about an event?

We are excited to announce some BIG news for you regarding the future of our server. As most of you know, we started this server with no knowledge about the dev side of things and have been figuring those things out as we go. Although we’ve learned a lot, it hasn’t been the most practical way to go about things and we’ve been in search of a developer since the start. We’ve been largely limited because of this since we’re only able to make small tweaks to the code.

Recently, we met an amazing team of devs and have decided to merge communities and progress forward as one unit. We really feel strongly that this will take our current server to the next level and help the community grow in numbers quicker. We all share the same vision of creating a fun space for people to roleplay and enjoy themselves without fear of harrasment or judgment. This team has put a lot of time and effort into their custom framework with incredible base mechanics and scripts in a well-optimized environment. We have worked extremely hard and spent a lot of time on our current build, but we feel it will benefit everyone to let it go at this time and move forward on the custom framework created by our new dev team.

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