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Rockford RP is a new and upcoming community Striving to be the best server to create roleplay within FiveM!
That’s our main goal. To provide the best online experience for Roleplay and to give you that feeling of a second family. With many servers that are coming to life at this time, we hope that RockfordRP can stand out with the unique features we deliver.

Right now the community exists of a relatively small group of players, that are all keen and hyped with the content we currently have, with lots more to come, they are very happy with that what’s already there.

Our mission and goal is to achieve some of the best role-play, and content out there.
With many servers that are coming to life at this time, we hope we can stand out with the unique features we deliver, Our goal is to provide the best roleplay, and most addictive cops and robbers scenarios!

RockfordRP brings a different atmosphere than any other server. We all are here for Roleplay and being Public we strive to see new players everyday! We also have fun activities to do either as a criminal mastermind or as a legal civilian!

Rockford RP is a fun server, and open to all, we do not make use of white-lists to enter the server.
However we do have white-listed jobs, that being the LSPD, and EMS.
Within those job sectors there is a chain of command, which you can grow trough, and eventually become commanding staff, or even on top of the chain, each promotion comes with benefits, that being paychecks, weapons, or vehicles.

Activities consist of:

  • Fishing (in development)
  • Mining (in development)
  • Hunting
  • Trucking
  • Taxi
  • Mechanic
  • Garbage job
  • Scrapping
  • Towing

Criminal Activities

  • Active Bank Robberies
  • Store Robberies
  • Vangelicos Heist
  • Van robberies
  • Parking Meter robberies
  • House Robberies
  • Drugs from Marijuana to Meth
  • Oxy runs
  • Hustling

You want to be in a gang? Go ahead be whatever you want to be. With the gang if you show potential you can always go for making it an official gang where you can gain extra perks such as custom items and many more things. You the boss? The hardman? The kingpin? We have a fully dynamic system giving you full control on your decisions, You just have to earn that spot and then you can be on top of the world!

We offer the chance for anyone to start an organization, however this will cost you sweat and tears, as organizations are quite expensive, but they do give you the option to make more money!

Organizations have no limit on the amount of people that can be in one, and they have a separate bank account, which they can utilize to purchase assets, organization vehicles and more.

Within the city of los santos there’s various things you can do, but we decided to do things different from what is already out there, the concept remains the same, just the actions to get to the end product is different, we have been working on an interactive drug system where you will need to actually work to create drugs, Do you grow weed? don’t forget to water the plants, making meth? make sure you hide your van! Are you making cocaine? Keep an eye on the heat and PH levels!
BEWARE! The Police are out there and they will find you! So make your approach to it stealthy!

Police and EMS

We have an active PD and EMS departments within the city!

The police consist of the San Andreas State Police and in the future there will be Park Rangers, S.W.A.T and much more! The police department have a major arsenal of cars consisting of:

  • 2019 Mustang
  • CVPI
  • 2014 and 2018 Charger
  • Ford Explorer

And many more!

EMS have a dynamic system to sustain and aid their Roleplay! All custom clothing and vehicles to make your experience the best you can have around!

Server specifications

We make use of a Dedicated server, as a VPS could not deliver what we were asking for.
The master server makes use of a Intel® Skylake i7-6700 Quad-Core, up to 4x 4,0 GHz.
64GB of DDR4 RAM, and 2x 500GB SSD with a 1Gbit Uplink Connection.
The server also comes with DDos protection, and daily snapshots(backups).

Are you interested in joining rockford?

For any questions regarding rockford feel free to hop by on our server, and ask ahead.

I hope to see some of you soon!

Our discord server : Rockford Community

Our Forums: https://forum.rockfordrp.com/

Join the discord to gain all the details for the server. Our forums hold all the Applications for the whitelisted jobs in the city so if you are interested head over there!

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Can confirm this is really is a community that cares for RP over everything else. I hope others decide to join and share their RP with this community to make it better.

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Very helpful staff. Active Police and just very nice people in general. 10/10

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This community is a welcoming community of all people. Police are becoming more and more active my the day. We are looking for more and more people every day to interact with and get to know them. Stop by and try it out. We cherish and hold RP to a high standard and wish to see new faces within the city.

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