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Welcome to Sky Roleplay

We are developing a life server that brings you the freedom to do almost anything. The server is still in an ALPHA Stage but i want to begin recruiting now so when its fully up we have some Lead Staff for the Departments. The server is based on the QBCore Framework. The possibilities are endless The plan is to build an awesome community and have the best possible roleplay experiences.

We have plenty of opportunities for you to start from. From Civilian all the way up to Staff Member
We try to bring realism to our roleplay experience.

Pictures available on discord

Some In Game Features:

  • All jobs are functional (legal and illegal)
  • Buy Houses Anywhere you want and furnish them.
  • Buy Businesses and make a profit (Available to request business anywhere)
  • Custom Shops
  • Custom MLO’s Buildings
  • Player Ownded Businesses
  • In Game MDT for police
  • Player Owned Mechanics & Dealerships
  • Realistic Vehicles (Working Inventory in trunk)
  • Rent or Buy Apartments / Houses (they include cloakrooms and storage to store your stuff)
  • Custom Assets
  • Racing / Drift / Drag Courses (Will be added soon)
  • Camping

Positions are open now and were also looking for staff members including department heads
As mentioned the server is still in alpha stages but members will be able to play on it before made public.

So if you are interested in becoming a member of a friendly community this is the best time to apply since the server is new positions are open.

If you come across any questions regarding our server, please contact us on discord than please direct your attention to a member of the staff. They will be able to assist you with any question and/or concerns that you may have

DISCORD: Sky Roleplay

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