PSA: update your server to pipeline ID 1313 or above

How can I check what version I am on? And how would I update?

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I can’t get my server to stay online, this is very upsetting

Update your artifacts man, mine has been stable so far

How would I do this thru zap-hosting? Never had to do it.

ah no idea i host myself. should probably reach out to their support

latest build is still not working for me

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How do I upgrade the server? can someone tell me?

Download new artifact, replace with your old artifact and run server?

@TheIndra The latest release made my server stop working as it as fine before lol

It’s worse for the the majority of the people posting here. Tons of the same in Discords as well.

where would we install the update

where can i download it

Like you upgraded your artifacts before?

Make sure some of your resources aren’t crashing the server

Updating to 1317 on Linux fixed this for me! I have no issues anymore.

Thanks for the heads up and thanks for the Linux build today.

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I changed nothing and got zero errors in my server @TheIndra I’m going to downgrade till this is fixed

I am currently updating to build 1317, just hope I am doing it right lol

what do i do if i dont have an alpine folder, I use an online host but they havent responded to me.

Well then you’d have to contact the server hosting

you wait for them. sorry dude