Proxy error: could not get rpuuid: redis: nil (need fix)

i have this error when i start my server

when i join my server he crash me all time

This problem happened without warning


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oh , Thanks :heart:

“OVH is having some issues again with their managed k8s stuff and therefore proxy connections don’t exist at this time.” - Cfx.fe Lead Dev

A lot of people are having the same issue.

When will this be fixed is their an eta

This is from FiveM or what

dude he literally says it’s from OVH

does every server on ovh isn’t working or what? because i’ve the same problem

OVH is one of the companies FiveM uses for there server side stuff so when OVH is down sadly we all down, this is a problem with since hop hosts but FiveM for years as ran as a free service and paying for many hosts with many counties is mostly not in there budget, I am also getting the proxy error but I am not getting any crashes at this moment on the client side.

got that, so we basically have to wait untill OVH fixes it’s stuff

The rpuuid error and the beer-pluto-magazine crash are completely unrelated.

A fallback solution was in place moments after the redis failure, and the end user impact is minimal. You can safely ignore that error message.

For the client crash, please fill out a support template.

Thank you.

Well what ever is going on txadmin shows this on starting and so does the server
Cant start the server when this starts


i don’t have it

and I contacted the OVH They told me this from FiveM we need any FiveM support to tell me what can i do for fix it


im having the same issue. started two day ago and still cant loginto my server. even after remaking thr server from ground up. any ideas how to fix or how long it will be down?

yeah it’s not cool, people on my server are waiting second day because noone can connect

now The rpuuid error has fix it but

steel need fix crash beer-pluto-magazine

Yes, I understand that.
Please fill out the client support template.

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