Prosper RolePlay | British Themed | Whitelisted Jobs | Custom Vehicles | Custom Scripts

Prosper Roleplay is a new upcoming server that takes roleplay to the next level! This British themed roleplay server includes lots of amazing opportunities for all to enjoy such as:

  • Whitelisted jobs e.g. MPS, NHS and AA
  • Whitelisted gangs which players can apply for
  • Multiple custom vehicles and much more!
  • Luxury car dealership with active staff
  • Custom scripts

With an active staff team and community Prosper Roleplay is great for all players new or experienced and our main goal is to make sure everybody has fun!

If you want to take your roleplay experience to the next level, join Prosper!

You can join our discord here:
And you can view our website here:


Prosper Roleplay is now live! If you would like to try out a new server with an amazing community then you can join our discord here to gain access to the server:

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Ye this server is amazing thank you for creating such a server its really fun and unique.

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Best server I have played on, great community and fantastic roleplay.

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best server ive played on with very serious roleplay from all the staff team and members!

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Best city I have played in so far, amazing helpfull staff team and great RP skills from everybody in the server. A must go server!

Best city i have played on absolutely amazing. Wonderful people and lovely staff

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One of the best servers in the uk atm has one of the best community’s with great staff and owners. They are always willing to help you to the best they can . Also the rp in amazing theres a great mix between great fun and being serious. 100% recommend trying it out

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This server started a few weeks ago and i got to say they improve it everyday, take a leap in the city and enjoy the wonderfull times of being COP to all the way of being a rich druglord, the city has a variety of jobs, activity’s, cars, people!
I hope to see you around in the city at some point! -Frost


Best server out there I can from lcrp what a bomb that place is if your after a good server to join make mates and also down to earth admin who help u on spot or put u on the right path 10/10 would recommend this to any of my mates :relaxed:

Amazing server considering it only just recently started. Has a variety of jobs and things to do when playing that all pay well. Also has a very balanced economy compared to other cities. Would 100% recommend.

Best server I’ve come across! great people, great city, and a great atmosphere.

this is such a good server been in it for about 2 weeks now and had no issues the staff our very helpful and have been with me when i brought my 1 of 1’s. i would highly recommend this to anyone to join everyone is amazing and you wouldn’t regret it.
the best sever i have played.

One of the best servers hands down.

I’ve only been playing the server for 2 days now and honestly its one of the best servers I’ve ever played its such a realistic roleplay server filled with loads of action and police chases.

joined the server when it first opened and can easily say its the most fun ive had in rp also the staff are fair and always around to help would recommend

Such a great server, Admin are really helpful and the player are brilliant at making it such a good experience, if you haven’t tried it you need to.

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Prosper BIG Update 1.0

Vehicle Update

  • Player Owned Mechanic Shops (5 Player owned + Halfords)
  • 11 New Engines w/ Custom Sounds, New Suspension systems, New Transmission system
  • Added Engine wear (Engines will now wear over time and will be required to be repaired
  • NOS (Requires a Turbo)
  • New Halfords Building With New visual upgrades menu.
  • Ability to Customize Helicopters on Roof of Halfords (Heli Pad is not to be used for Back Robbery exits).
  • New Fleet of Halford branded Cars
  • New Halford Uniforms Both Female / Male
  • New Scrap Yard / Parts Shop

Crafting Update

  • Crafting System (Craft Engine updates / Weapons)
  • New Mining Job (Select at Job center and pick up a pick axe at Import tools) You do not need to job to mine, however if you have job selected you can gather more items.
  • New Smelting Area to refine ores to metal bars
  • Ability for ANYONE to craft Pistols if they find right items (You will have to find out most of this yourself. Only Hint we will give is USB)

Other Updates

  • Updated Mumble VoIP to fix hearing other people around the city
  • Updated USB Rewards
  • Ability to buy USBs with Strange Coin at Hidden location
  • More NHS Clothing Both Female / Male
  • Added New Royal Mail Job (City Based)
  • Removed NHS Tasers