ProjectRP :: New US/Canadian Community :: Recruitment Open

ProjetRP –

ProjectRP is a GTAV (FiveM) Law Enforcement Role Play community. Here the role play is paramount. We are as realistic as possible, and as the game will allow. All of the founding members of this community are graduates of some of the best role playing communities out there. From those communities we have learned what worked, and what hasn’t worked, we’ve taken these lessons and applied them to our community. Please feel free to pop on to our forums, and/or continue reading to learn more about how we operate.

Our departments are as follows:

  • BCSO - Using King County Washington Liveries
  • LSPD - Using Vancouver Police Liveries
  • Civilian
  • Communications - 911 operators and dispatchers.
  • Fire/EMS - Coming Soon (skins are completed, this was determined to be an post launch department)

Community Features:

  • Custom vehicles
  • eup (with custom peds to match our departments)
  • Professionally hosted game server(s)
  • Professionally hosted TS3 server(s)
  • Whitelisted Gaming Community
  • A large amount of LEO-centric tools (radar, cuff, etc)
  • (In dev) Fully game integrated CAD

Please do not apply if you are under the age of 16.

We are a new roleplay community, at the moment there are quite a few open positions. We are in our Beta Phase right now, and doing mock patrols.

We currently have the following staff positions opened::

  • Civilian Director - This is the only department head position that is currently opened, please contact here or via DMs on social media (listed on website).

Current departments and status

  • Civilian - Applications Closed
  • LSPD - Applications Opened
  • BCSO - Applications Opened
  • Communications - Applications Opened

All positions (unless there are extraordinary conditions), will start as probationary and move up the chain as time goes on. Please note that we do not want you if all you seek is power. We strive to keep those people out of this community. We want people who are as passionate about roleplay as we are!

Our current focus is getting a Civilian Director, once we have that person, we will start getting ready for full launch.

Please stay tuned for updates.

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Can I talk on a Discord Server first before applying? Thanks.

Answered in DM to preserve the privacy of our folks :slight_smile:

Thank you for your interest.

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I replied.

Hey Blake. Send me a DM here on the site with your Discord and we will reach out asap. We had a technical error yesterday.

Sorry I realized that we don’t have a Civilian Director, as such Civilian applications are closed until we can get someone into that position.