Project X | The Leading Community

Hello everyone, i hope everyone and everything is going well.

I would like to formally introduce our server that has been in-development for roughly a month. To begin with, we are a developer owned community that is also ran by either active military and active police members. Our amazing environment features a fully dynamic XP system that allows you to get access to more functions such as weapons, vehicles, scripts, and much more to come!

Unique Features:

  • XP Rank System allowing you to gain access to more abilities as you rank up.
  • Whitelisted/Customized LEO/FIRE/EMS scripts including CPR/Termination.
  • Our discord server is fully integrated with the FiveM server providing easy permissions and management.
  • Our FiveM server has a fully customized and optimized framework.
  • A multi character creation system that saves you’re players to a database.
  • Our global trainer involves everything you could possibly ever want to enhance you’re roleplay from animations to prop actions.

These are just to name a few of our features and abilities. We are always looking for more things to add into the server and actively developing.


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One of the best server I’m proud to call home. If you want serious RP then join.

This server is definitely worth checking out! You can only expect the best from this server!