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Official Discord

What is Project Roleplay:
Project Roleplay is a FiveM/ Grand Theft Auto Community created in May of 2020 a little after the pandemic started are focus of the Community is to have a safe server and enviorment for new and comming FiveM players to play on! Are Community. The Administration Team at ProjectRP provides a high level of respect and dignity for all of are Members so they can feel loved and cared about while playing on are Servers.

What Departments we have to offer:
Project Roleplay Community offers many Departments for Members to play as while on are Server.

  • Civilian Operations
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  • Fire Department
  • Communications

Server/ Discord Features:

  • Custom Server Bot intergated with FiveM and Discord
  • Fully fuctional FiveM Server and Teamspeak Server
  • Server Sided EUP and vMenu
  • Custom Vehicles, Scripts, and Assets.
  • Custom Servers ran off a High VPS
  • Experinced Roleplayers
  • Training Department
  • Internal Affairs Deaprtment


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