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:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: DIAMOND CASINO

  • Casino has gotten some love and we listened to what a lot of our players wanted. You guys asked for it, and its finally here, with even more additions then you asked for!
  • Play slots and test your luck at winning on the house. All slot machines are registered so up to 40 people could play slots at once
  • Play black jack against the house, and see if you can beet the dealer! Pays 3 to 2 on the house if you end up beating the delaer
  • Head up to the rooftop terrace for some fun in the sun, with friends or just to catch some rays
  • Parking lot valet service will house cars so it doesnt get crowded or lag up the place. Please use these as it could get very hectic while in there with all these cars parked around there. There is a valet service in the garage and the front ramp.
  • Penthouse owned by Mr.Massino will be a great place to throw parties in the near future!
  • More games coming like 3 hand poker and roulette!
  • Will be open on weekends after 9PM CST, and will be available during the week sometimes! Check events for more info!


  • New activity to do with all your friends
  • Sign up for paintball with friends
  • Play 5 minute matches where you get down in a custom map with friends see who is the best shooter
  • Displays kills and deaths
  • Custom skin thats an actual paintball gun
  • Auto respawn
  • Can play up to 15 people at one time

:chart_with_upwards_trend: HUD

  • Did more work to the UI/HUD and think we got it down!
  • A lot better UI colors which makes it easier on eyes and more stream lined colors
  • Oxygen meter has been fixed when under water
  • Made a /togglehud which will actually make your hud completely disappear
  • Mini map will no longer be active unless in a vehicle
  • Better mini map with cleaner lines and more clear display

:deer: HUNTING

  • Hunting has been completely re done from head to toe
  • This took a while to create, but think it turned out great
  • Brand new hunting rifle that feels more realistic. (this weapon is now only for animals, and will not be able to shoot humans, cars, or even in the air.)
  • You now have to bait animals for them to spawn, and get game
  • There is a probablity they will not spawn or get spooked because you are not hidden
  • 3rd eye to skin makes it more clean, and feels like a AAA game.
  • Now you receive meat, and different levels of skins depending on the shot you got on the animal
  • You will now sell the meat and skins to the hunting lodge in paleto, to the ped inside the hunting lodge.
  • bait, and rifle can be found at the hunting lodge as well.
  • CANNOT hunt anywhere you want. You will need to find good hunting grounds
  • New charges for LSPD/BCSO include poaching. If you are found with more then 10 meat or skins, its consider poaching.
  • New logs for hunting to make sure its working and not being abused by weirdos
  • Fixed issue with false bans on hunting rifle

:red_car: CAR RENTALS

  • Players can now rent vehicles all over the state to ensure you dont get caught for stealing a car
  • Return the car to any rental station for a small portion of funds returned to you
  • Added a car rental spot right across the street from the train station and prison to eliminate the need to rob a car
  • Pick out of a line up of over 10 vehicles!

:upside_down: STRESS

  • Players will now get stressed out when committing crimes.
  • Fixed players shooting causing a shit ton of stress. Shouldnt be crazy anymore.
  • Smoke backwoods or cigs to de-stress
  • More to come on this in future drip feeds


  • Lock picking now has a new mini game that really make it more fun stealing stuff.
  • Master the lock pick game and never get stressed
  • Hit the numbers that correlate in the middle of the circle


  • Almost every script has been edited to reflect more clean and nicer looking notifications. This was a process that took well over 15 hours. Most notifications have been moved to the upper right of your screen, and will reflect accurate colors for success, inform, and errors.
  • This will be over looked but thats okay. If you notice notifications displaying behind the hud, please make a ticket and let us know what notification it was and we will fix it!

:credit_card: mcard/vcard

  • /mcard is a simple miranda rights card for officers in training or need help remembering
  • /vcard is a simple card for medics/officers who want to use technical cards


  • Added traffic management to the tilda button for police
  • They can now stop, slow, or resume traffic with the click of a button
  • More immersive, and honestly super cool on robbery scenes!


  • Fixed clothing stores for low end clothing stores
  • Got rid of the Nike stores due to the fact they were causing lag (GROSS)

:red_car: VEHICLES

  • Adjusted over 30 cars that were streaming at very high rates making the server less bogged down
  • Adjusted over 25+ cars handling metas. This will be continued to make sure cars handle like IRL.
  • Adjusted every single cars pricing in the vehicle shop and its more realistic now on pricing due to us getting rid of the financing!


  • now while shooting in vehicles, it will force you into first person!
  • This is to eliminate any type of shooting through a window thats not there, etc.
  • More realistic, and still can only shoot while going under 50 MPH

:arrows_counterclockwise: INTRO

  • New intro music and added our newest MODs to the intro

:mobile_phone: NEW NOTIFICATIONS

  • Brand new sleek notifications custom made for Project Rogue
  • New alert for text messages
  • New alert for phone calls
  • New alert for Dark Chat Messages
  • New alert for Bank Transfers done on phone
  • Will display in the upper right!

:red_car: VEHICLES

  • Fixed Bentley showing NULL
  • Fixed MS1 showing NULL
  • Fixed Miata showing NULL
  • Fixed NSX showing NULL
  • Fixed LW GTR showing NULL
  • Fixed Viper Showing NULL (Public Civ Vehicle)

:tools: PATCHES

  • Updated our logs for bank transfers for staff
  • Fixed Drive bys speed to 50 MPH instead of 15MPH
  • By popular demand, the Armor was switched from a red to blue
  • Fixed NULL images on OXY packages, and Gold Watches

:oncoming_police_car: POLICE

  • Added new HEAT Challenger, with 3 different liveries for all departments
  • Added new HEAT Mustang, with 3 different liveries for all departments
  • Fixed and Added BCSO/POLICE boss menu to Paleto, and Sandy
  • Added variations for BCSO for Vests
  • Fixed issue with no Bullet Proof 2 option making it so officers couldnt cycle vests

Project Rogues 2.0 is a lot closer then a lot of people know! We will be releasing the date of Project Rogue 2.0 on Sunday, June 13th! We are still 100% open, and accessible via FiveM Server List!



:warning: Important Message :warning: - Please Read

  • Ctrl+click will quickly move items to a different inventory
  • Shift+click will move half a stack of items
  • Resolved error when buying with dirty money
  • Resolved item use getting locked when trying to reload a gun without ammo
  • Set the player heading while accessing another players inventory correctly
  • Register keybinds and hotkeys after the inventory has fully loaded (Fix for registering hotkeys)
  • Inventory is now set after the player is loaded on the client
  • Added ‘/inventory’ command for admins to view another player’s inventory (cannot interact)
  • Weight bar now updates when adding/buying items
  • Closeinventory check when accessing a player inventory as police!!!
  • No longer utilise multiple raycasts when accessing vehicle trunks
  • Weapon anti-cheat correctly checks player inventories only
  • Using items no longer sends the metadata to the server (resolves broken item use)
  • If you thought the inventory was smooth and easy before, it just got about 5x better, imo.


  • By request, we made a unique version of a spawn selector
  • QR code implemented makes it easy for new players to open discord by scanning QR code.
  • Now when you fly in, and select your character, you can either select a point on the map, or last location!


  • New illegal activity that can be done passively without police online
  • It was requested more activites like scrapyard come around. I am slowly developing different ways this can be accomplished!
  • Rogue Transports will have you working for a guy name B LO. Youll go around, rough some people up, collect their fronted drugs, and bring them back to him for a payout!
  • You WILL NEED to use the car given to you. Otherwise, it’ll be a waste of your time when you get there.


  • Fixed issue with multi character not allowing you to change attributes or clothes!


  • Scrapyard was moved and worked on to ensure it remains un broken economy wise.


  • Fixed issue with bikes not being able to be picked up via third eye
  • Fixed issue with more trunks, this should be the last of them (HOPEFULLY)


  • Resolved issues with teleporting breaking doors
  • No longer need to move before doors will load
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Removed horrible multithreading and running the main functions on a single thread


  • Added new Xero Gas Station to postal 8254! Walk in interior, gas, and shop!
  • Added new Ron Gas Station to postal 7166! Walk in interior, gas, and shop!


  • Fixed issue with only being able to see the closest gas station to you. Now you can see all of them on the mini map!
  • Fixed issue with female clothing for their jobs. Thanks @Jeni#0132 ! Farming, Warehouse, and Bus should now all have proper female outfits!!
  • Fixed issue with Mechs not able to repair through tilda


  • Adjusted some trunks, mainly, trucks that were holding a whopping 30 lol MY BAD


  • Added front door locks that will auto lock after 4 seconds being unlocked
  • Added blip for the actually D8 Offices @Jordy#0666


  • Added in new revised Lost MC clubhouse in mirror park.
  • Added new Barker Bar to Mirror Park (For the love of god someone RP MC gang life, its always so good when done right)
  • Set up usable shop waiting to also be picked up by people roleplaying the LOST MC at the clubhouse!


  • Fixed issue with suspects able to get out of doors while cuffed. Please let me know if this is an issue again
  • Fixed stupid map glitch that allowed players to simply jump up a box and get out of prison. SMH


  • Shout out to @Jeni#0132 who let us know we forgot to put gold wedding rings into illegal activities like robbing houses.
  • These have been added and we adjusted the chance as well to get them in these type of activities


  • Competed and fixed once again. Should not have any issues with skinning animals!


  • Fixed issue with chat being spammed with a message for commands
  • Fixed paycheck issue and now it will display the amount you are getting paid by popular demand!
  • New intro music and added our newest @SR. Admin @Jordy#0666 to the title screen! :heart:
  • Fixed mis spelling with sandwich while eating (fixed after next restart)
  • Fixed issue with prison work not giving the paid for item.


  • If your mini map is a huge and taking up your screen, this is due to the fact that you joined the server to fast when it started up! No issues! We get it! Just take a flight and this will fix the issue!

7/29/21 UPDATE

  • Police will now have ped officers inside MRPD and other police stations that will act as intake
  • Have the criminal go up to the desk, and then will see what to do.
  • Essentially, they will press E, and it will take all illegal and non essential items from them
  • They will then be able to stop by the prison or any of the police stations, to be able to get their items back after serving their time!
  • More realistic, and adds another activity


  • New nitro system allows players to have a powerful spray of boost that will take them 0-top speed in a blink of an eye
  • Ability to only have one bottle loaded making impossible for spamming
  • Craft bottles yourself, or find who has them…
  • Ability to get bigger bottles or smaller


  • All new billing system that really takes it up a notch
  • Now each business thats set up will be able to bill!
  • Bill customers and clients, and they will have anywhere from 1-5 days to pay the fine. This is set by the author of the fine!
  • The author sets a day, lets say 4 days. This is 4 days IRL days, regardless if you are in the city those 4 days.
  • After the 4 days, you have 7 days max until the bill automatically gets deducted from your bank account.
  • If you wait this 7 days, a 5% interest per day is added onto your fine, in return, it will automatically take that amount. So be watching your bills
  • Societies can now bill other societies! This means the LSPD units can be charged to the LSPD society account without actually having to do anything!
  • Bosses of jobs can manage funds, statistics, etc on their business! Making the door open for endless amounts of RP!
  • Bills are found at F7!

@everyone PART 1 :slight_smile:

8/17/21 UPDATE LOG
:white_small_square:Tire Nutz is now open for business
:white_small_square:Ability to provide repair kits at a higher price when mechanics are not around
:white_small_square:Added GPS location for this shop

:white_small_square:Rogue Time Cards make a great come back in the update.
:white_small_square:10x more optimized, and also allows us to use this for any job we want!
:white_small_square:Logs straight to discord in the jobs sections, under time cards!
:white_small_square:Automatically logs time a person was clocked on doing a job, and when they clocked off, and total time they were on duty during the session!

:white_small_square:Now you can receive a SIM Card that will allow the player to change their phone number.
:white_small_square:SIM Cards are only received through promotional packages, donation packages, SIM Card donation, or receiving it through special events, etc.
:white_small_square:This is NOT a craft-able item

:white_small_square:Attempted to fix some issues with the HUDhaving an extra large map when flying in first. Let me know if you continue to get these a lot?
:white_small_square:Moved compass and street names back down, and cleaned it up a bit more, also, now it works only in a vehicle.
:white_small_square:Fixed seatbelts not displaying or working
:white_small_square:Optimized code a little bit more, idles at .01 ms now.
:white_small_square:Your HUD as you know it, is it pretty much in final form now. There really should be no reason we ever switch it up. :heart:

:white_small_square:A lot of people have been refunded their houses from when we cconverted housing. Again, if you have not done so yet, make a community ticket in #mak to get that back along with all the items
:white_small_square:Fixed so now you see the correct weather when going in and out of your house!
:white_small_square:Items are being returned this week for housing.

:white_small_square:Oxy is finailized in its final form, and works 100% as should (Through of course testing as much as we could).
:white_small_square:We are excited to see it go live, and what it has to bring to the RP!
:white_small_square:Another way of getting dirty cash cleaned, is through Selling Oxy
:white_small_square:Should be no issues/bugs

:white_small_square:Added /police for police officers to make an announcement from PD
:white_small_square:Added /ambulance for EMS to make an announcement from EMS
:white_small_square:Added /ooc for of course, Out Of Character

:white_small_square:Adjusted more on vehicle damages. Let us know if they need adjusted again.

:white_small_square:Advanced Lock Picks have been lowered to 500 due to people suck at the mini game

:white_small_square:Fixed Give

:white_small_square:Added Oxygen Tank to EMS cabinet
:white_small_square:Added Repair Kits to EMS cabinet

:white_small_square:Added Oxygen Tank to item loadouts

:white_small_square:Added Oxygen Tank
:white_small_square:Added Tent (fixed?)
:white_small_square:Added Campfire (fixed?)

:white_small_square:Long barrel weapons no longer just pull out of your ass hole.
:white_small_square:When pulling the weapon, warning message displays letting you know you need to be by a vehicle
:white_small_square:When using the weapon, or using hotkey, will display the warning message
:white_small_square:To pull out shotguns, ARs, etc. you will need to pull it out by a garage.
:white_small_square:Player will get into the trunk and pull out weapons.
:white_small_square:Cops can also pull out weapon in the bay of their cars, or by their front doors
:white_small_square:This goes for ALL PLAYERS
:white_small_square:Weapon does go on your back, but were having issues with seeing it while its their. Still trying to figure that out!
:white_small_square:Do /rack next to a trunk or vehicle, it will rack your weapon in the car, and remove the weapon from your back.
:white_small_square:Players will for enforced via Rulebook, to ensure you are /rack the weapon, and no longer carrying it around while we investigate the invisible on the back glitch
:white_small_square:Doing /rack while not by a vehicle will put the weapon ON YOUR BACK, you need to be doing this if you are going to be carrying around a long barrel weapon!
:white_small_square:Added rack to tilda under general, for everyone!

:white_small_square: Brand new chat interface, gives fresh new look for players to enjoy!
:white_small_square: Brand new notifications make it more realistic and make it feel like notifications are coming from your phone.
:white_small_square: Introducing a new /twitter feature that allows you to send twitter style notifications to users making sure no one misses tweets. This also allows players to be able to free advertise!
:white_small_square: Introducing /ad that allows players to advertise products, services, craiglists, etc. that allows players to negotiate more freely, and will also push out global notification.
:white_small_square: Introducing /anon which allows a player to post anonymously to all players.
:white_small_square: Introducing /clear that allows users to clear their own chats
:white_small_square: Introducing /clearall that allows admins/mods to clear the chat of **EVERYONE **in the server
:white_small_square: Allows players who are whitelisted to be able to promote their twitch and YouTube while being **IN **the server with /twitch and /youtube.

:white_small_square: Worked more on the billing UI, and think we have a great final product.
:white_small_square: NO MORE F7 BUTTON. ALL DONE IN TILDA through general > Bills, or type /invoices
:white_small_square: Most people without a whitelist job will see Personal Invoices, where you can pay them, see what has been force paid, and view what the bill was!
:white_small_square: Others at specific jobs can access society invoices, and create invoices. Super easy to do, and very basic!
:white_small_square: Auto pay system updated. Now all fines are taxed for 3 days then they will be auto paid, minimizing the amount of taxes a person is to pay.
:white_small_square:Bills are sent directly to the nearest person now, no more ID.

:white_small_square:Fixed issue with being able to rob the store without a bag.
:white_small_square:No longer need a bag, now, you will need a weapon that is a long barrel to rob
:white_small_square:No longer just go in and shoot, now you will release smoke through a vent on top of the building
:white_small_square:Multiple people can rob
:white_small_square:Multiple different types of jewels

:white_small_square: Now golf by yourself or with friends
:white_small_square: Will need to have a golf ball, and golf club
:white_small_square: Mark flag for which hole you are playing
:white_small_square: Go to the start, then shoot your shot!
:white_small_square: Try to get the best hole in one!
:white_small_square:Different clubs = Different Strengths
:white_small_square:Different Ball Colors
:white_small_square: do /roguetopgolf to see the leader boards
:white_small_square: Fun activity to do with friends, events that are coordinated, etc.

:white_small_square: Added locks to Grove Liquor
:white_small_square: Added locks to the Prison (SMH)

:white_small_square: Removed nearest postal, almost no one was using it.
:white_small_square: Moved the seat belt, fuel, speed, etc. closer to the circle, and will display more flowing.
:white_small_square: Added sound when un buckled as per request by players
:white_small_square: Now when you do /togglehud truly nothing is on your screen besides the game! (I hate Java/CSS in general) :heart:

:white_small_square: New more in depth drugs have hit the streets of LS.
:white_small_square: To start us off we are introducing Weed Brownies and THC Gummies. Not for sale, they are for you consuming.
:white_small_square: RP2FINDOUT how to obtain these

:white_small_square: Added campfires and tents for the third time now, Sorry for keep removing them on accident. Thanks @dsquad for letting me know! :slight_smile: