Project Poseidon : Roleplay Evolved // Need Talented Developers & Staff // Australian Based

Project Poseidon is an ambitious project based upon the base of RDR3 hoping to innovate and provide
a breath of fresh air to the gameplay mode of Roleplay.

RedM is in a state of infanticy, still requiring a big push to get it into the same sort of position as it’s bigger brother FiveM. While development and research continues for RedM servers need to exist in order for that work to not go to waste. As such the goal of Project Poseidon is to utilise the frameworks of both RDR3 and RedM to provide a roleplay experience which is more in-depth and meticulously designed than what was previously thought possible while also being fun!
Currently the server itself is in an early state of development following months of bug-fixing, testing and design work to ensure the best experience. No corners are being cut, every script is custom and every clothing item has a price.

As all of the current developers have played hundreds of hours of FiveM roleplay we are very aware of the standard that needs to be met to match the thousands of servers and communities that already exist. But at the same time FiveM and RedM are very different beasts. The fast cars and automatic weapons present within FiveM simply don’t exist within RedM as such the server has been built around the slower paced style of gameplay that works best with Red Dead Redemption. Imagine much like in the adventure’s of Arthur Morgan and Dutch’s gang you and your gang of friends or even family are on the run from the law. Pitching camps in remote parts of the wilderness avoiding the reach of society. Sleeping under the moonlight, telling stories around the campfire. It’s quiet and warm around the fire. The 131st retelling of the dreaded Tennessee Job being the only sound other than the crackling of the flames and the rustling of trees in the dark and silent night.

It’s a way of life that may be enticing to some, living away from the hardships of society and working for the safety and prosperity of your motley band of outlaws. Project Poseidon is being designed around these ways of life fleshing them out and making them seem like their very own game. Allowing players to really build out their characters and do what they really want to do, rather than be forced to go down a certain career path or lifestyle simply because it pays the best. This level of detail doesn’t just extend to a few lifestyles either, every single activity a player can participate in on the server will have the potential to become a character’s main source of income, their life. From gambling, to heisting, to bounty hunting, the opportunities are not limited and each can develop into something much greater.

In my opinion however the true ambition comes in the details. When I said every piece of clothing has a price I wasn’t kidding. As the primary designer I have spent a lot of time working out the details to flesh out the world and make it more respective of the world during the early 20th century. As such I have painstakingly gone through the list of as many clothing items I could and attached a price to them based off both the price within the base game of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Redemption Online and the prices in reality. The end result is clothing that seems more significant rather than just a new pair of pants. Suddenly the rich stand out from amongst the poor and the goal of getting some sweet cowboy drip is a feasible one. This level of detail will hopefully stretch to many other parts of the server. Communication is limited by close contact and telegram, gold prices will be more accurate to the era and region, guns will become less of an expensive commodity and the best horses will still remain expensive, acting as toys for only the richest.
Not to mention the details provided by you the players. Every store and bank will be operated by players, horses are finite requiring players to tame wild horses to sell and housing is limited meaning only the richest will occupy the various mansions. The hope is players will be able to live out their life in the Wild West unlike what was previously possible.

The community surrounding the project is one based out of Australasia, current developers and staff live within the region and join the hundreds of people that are waiting in anticipation for a large-scale RedM server that simply doesn’t exist within the region yet. We hope that this project upon it’s release fills this gap and provides players with a new home to live out their virtual lives. Not much else can be said about the community other than we’re happy if you’d like to join us! We currently have a discord open that is itself undergoing a bit of development to bring it up to our standards and needs for the Poseidon project. Link is below.
If you also wish to apply for an early position on the server as a lawman or business owner applications will also be hosted on there.

We are currently looking for talented developers experienced in LUA and or HTML, JS & CSS
We’re open to all applicants but prefer those based out of Australiasia. If interested join our discord server and contact one of the executives for an interview.
Additionally we are also looking for experienced staff who can help moderate the server upon it’s launch.

We are also welcoming all content creators whether it be streamers or youtubers to our community. We hope you will be able to assist with the server’s growth along with it’s development by suggesting changes and influencing the direction the server heads. Content creators may also receive “special” items to assist with the creation of their content and as a reward for their ongoing commitment. It’s our way of thanking you for investing your time with us. Truly thankyou! :smiley:


Links will be updated overtime

We hope with this post we have captured your imagination and have got you as ambitious for this project as we the developers are. Our dream is this project will push roleplay into a realm it is yet to venture into, opening the door for many other great projects and innovations in the future. We thankyou for your patronage and we hope to see you out on the frontier.

Disclaimer - All images contained within this post are taken from RDR2 Singleplayer, not the server. They act merely to demonstrate ideas or appear aesthetically appealing. They do not seek to exhibit the server and it’s features.

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Weekly Update 1 - 3/11/20

This post will receive weekly updates to update you all on progress and features planned or implemented into the current version, along with bumping the post lol.
This week I want to iterate more upon the more in-depth lifestyles and career paths outlined within the main post and explain how we plan to achieve our final goal.

"Every single activity a player can participate in on the server will have the potential to become a character’s main source of income, their life." This isn’t an exaggeration. Every major activity from gambling or shooting can become a lifestyle or career with enough commitment. How you may ask? Well through the use of branching skill-trees. Every major activity is planned to have one with various choices throughout allowing for differing outcomes across characters. Currently the two I want to outline are the mining and gunsmith skill-trees.

Mining Skill-Tree

The mining role within the server is one of what we’re calling professions (more on these at a later date) acting as jobs newer players can pickup and work through to earn enough cash to get themselves established. However through the use of skill-trees these jobs aren’t relegated to only the newest of players. Even the most veteran of players can continue to work in these positions being rewarded for their commitment to the role. The further players progress through these skill-trees the more players are rewarded. In the case of mining players are rewarded with incremental increases to mining speed, decreases to energy usage and increases to the yield of certain rarer minerals. These increases although incremental provide players with more income overtime making the increasing profits and value of the job. There are more minor statistical increases planned for this jobs and others like it.

However a key part of these skill trees is the branching paths they provide. Earlier on into the mining tree the player can choose one of two branching paths that can ultimately decide how their career “pans out”. At this stage Gold panning becomes an option for people that spend their time mining, however they are not forced into choosing one path or the other. Both activities are still open no matter which path they choose, however future rank ups after this point in most cases will be tied to one or the other, not both.

The final result of the skill-tree, not just with mining but all of the professions, is a job which pays the same as all the others at the beginning, but rewards players committing to the job with higher pays. More details about the other jobs and a more in-depth explanation of mining coming in the future.

Gunsmith Skill-Tree

Gunsmithing is one of the many business’s players can acquire and run on the server. All of these businesses (aside from a couple of exceptions) have their own dedicated skill-trees. These skill-trees don’t incrementally increase profits with each rank like with professions, rather open up new crafting or opportunities for business owners to take advantage of. The idea is businesses across the various states of the same type will be encouraged to compete with each other to make the most profits. A key part of this is with ranks.

For example a higher ranked gunsmith will be able to craft weapons that lower tier gunsmiths can’t, meaning if someone wants one of these rarer guns, they need to seek out a more proficient gunsmith. At the same time however a gunsmith who can meet demand with a lot of supply might be able to make more gains overall. It’s a competitive market after all and only the most best survive. Another key part of these business skill-trees are their pre-requisites. The gunsmithing tree is available to all from the beginning and is progressed by performing activities such as cleaning weapons or crafting. Once a predetermined level is reached however progression is stopped until the player acquires a gunsmithing shop, upon which it is allowed to continue.

Like the aforementioned professions business skill-trees will also have branching paths allowing business owners to specialise in a specific part of the job, such as weapon detailing or crafting. More will be said about how these businesses operate in the future but for now I’m sure you’re at least a bit excited about the opportunities brought about with these skill-trees.

We are still looking for talented developers experienced in LUA and or HTML, JS & CSS primarily based out of the Australasia region. if you are interested join our discord server with the link below or contact me directly via message at thekingbutten#5114.
We are currently looking for people based out of the Australasia region. Additionally as the lead designer of the project I’m personally extending an open invitation for anyone who isn’t as confident in code, but can brainstorm ideas, arrange timelines and like I’m doing now pitch those ideas to the world to join the team as a designer.

Thanks for checking in and reading this update if you have, there’ll be more in the future. I’m thinking next up I might talk a bit about crime? :thinking: