Project Poseidon : Roleplay Evolved // Need Talented Developers & Staff // Australian Based

Project Poseidon is an ambitious project based upon the base of RDR3 hoping to innovate and provide
a breath of fresh air to the gameplay mode of Roleplay.

RedM is in a state of infanticy, still requiring a big push to get it into the same sort of position as it’s bigger brother FiveM. While development and research continues for RedM servers need to exist in order for that work to not go to waste. As such the goal of Project Poseidon is to utilise the frameworks of both RDR3 and RedM to provide a roleplay experience which is more in-depth and meticulously designed than what was previously thought possible while also being fun!
Currently the server itself is in an early state of development following months of bug-fixing, testing and design work to ensure the best experience. No corners are being cut, every script is custom and every clothing item has a price.

As all of the current developers have played hundreds of hours of FiveM roleplay we are very aware of the standard that needs to be met to match the thousands of servers and communities that already exist. But at the same time FiveM and RedM are very different beasts. The fast cars and automatic weapons present within FiveM simply don’t exist within RedM as such the server has been built around the slower paced style of gameplay that works best with Red Dead Redemption. Imagine much like in the adventure’s of Arthur Morgan and Dutch’s gang you and your gang of friends or even family are on the run from the law. Pitching camps in remote parts of the wilderness avoiding the reach of society. Sleeping under the moonlight, telling stories around the campfire. It’s quiet and warm around the fire. The 131st retelling of the dreaded Tennessee Job being the only sound other than the crackling of the flames and the rustling of trees in the dark and silent night.

It’s a way of life that may be enticing to some, living away from the hardships of society and working for the safety and prosperity of your motley band of outlaws. Project Poseidon is being designed around these ways of life fleshing them out and making them seem like their very own game. Allowing players to really build out their characters and do what they really want to do, rather than be forced to go down a certain career path or lifestyle simply because it pays the best. This level of detail doesn’t just extend to a few lifestyles either, every single activity a player can participate in on the server will have the potential to become a character’s main source of income, their life. From gambling, to heisting, to bounty hunting, the opportunities are not limited and each can develop into something much greater.

In my opinion however the true ambition comes in the details. When I said every piece of clothing has a price I wasn’t kidding. As the primary designer I have spent a lot of time working out the details to flesh out the world and make it more respective of the world during the early 20th century. As such I have painstakingly gone through the list of as many clothing items I could and attached a price to them based off both the price within the base game of Red Dead Redemption 2 or Red Dead Redemption Online and the prices in reality. The end result is clothing that seems more significant rather than just a new pair of pants. Suddenly the rich stand out from amongst the poor and the goal of getting some sweet cowboy drip is a feasible one. This level of detail will hopefully stretch to many other parts of the server. Communication is limited by close contact and telegram, gold prices will be more accurate to the era and region, guns will become less of an expensive commodity and the best horses will still remain expensive, acting as toys for only the richest.
Not to mention the details provided by you the players. Every store and bank will be operated by players, horses are finite requiring players to tame wild horses to sell and housing is limited meaning only the richest will occupy the various mansions. The hope is players will be able to live out their life in the Wild West unlike what was previously possible.

The community surrounding the project is one based out of Australasia, current developers and staff live within the region and join the hundreds of people that are waiting in anticipation for a large-scale RedM server that simply doesn’t exist within the region yet. We hope that this project upon it’s release fills this gap and provides players with a new home to live out their virtual lives. Not much else can be said about the community other than we’re happy if you’d like to join us! We currently have a discord open that is itself undergoing a bit of development to bring it up to our standards and needs for the Poseidon project. Link is below.
If you also wish to apply for an early position on the server as a lawman or business owner applications will also be hosted on there.

We are currently looking for talented developers experienced in LUA and or HTML, JS & CSS
We’re open to all applicants but prefer those based out of Australiasia. If interested join our discord server and contact one of the executives for an interview.
Additionally we are also looking for experienced staff who can help moderate the server upon it’s launch.

We are also welcoming all content creators whether it be streamers or youtubers to our community. We hope you will be able to assist with the server’s growth along with it’s development by suggesting changes and influencing the direction the server heads. Content creators may also receive “special” items to assist with the creation of their content and as a reward for their ongoing commitment. It’s our way of thanking you for investing your time with us. Truly thankyou! :smiley:


Links will be updated overtime

We hope with this post we have captured your imagination and have got you as ambitious for this project as we the developers are. Our dream is this project will push roleplay into a realm it is yet to venture into, opening the door for many other great projects and innovations in the future. We thankyou for your patronage and we hope to see you out on the frontier.

Disclaimer - All images contained within this post are taken from RDR2 Singleplayer, not the server. They act merely to demonstrate ideas or appear aesthetically appealing. They do not seek to exhibit the server and it’s features.

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Update 1 - 1/2/21

So there haven’t been any updates to this post in well, awhile. Not because the interest behind it has waned but because a lot has happened since the last update and for a period the project was shelved. Now that there is more time to be allocated to it and our small team has had time to rest and refresh I think it’s time to get back into the swing of things and let you all know that yes we’re still here.

But before I get into what the actual intended nature of the second post was going to be there is some things I have to address first based upon stuff that has happened since we’ve gone public with this project.

First things first the server is hosted out of Australia not Austria. It seems some people might’ve gotten confused so let’s just get that out of the way.

Next thing to address is the state of the discord. It is HORRIBLY inactive, the last post on there made by myself was probably made at the beginning of the week, the last one before that was made months ago. This does not reflect the actual state of our work on the server. (Or maybe it does considering we took an extended hiatus). Don’t be scared by the discord, we’ll get it fixed up soon hopefully so it’s more welcoming and acts as a good hub for people to just chat not only with others but us directly. Initially when this post went live we really were only looking to use it as a way for people to apply for development positions, I didn’t at all realise people would actually go in there looking for a place to chat or get news from us. So just know we’re aware of the sorry state of the whole thing and we’ll work on it soon. Hell by the time you’ve seen this post I might’ve already gone in and reworked the whole thing. Honestly if you want to go in there to chat about random stuff I won’t blame you because there is more to life than RedM and there’s no reason why things can’t be a bit fun?

Development Positions

This is a big one, hence the big text. The current team building out this server is small, some would say very small and that team is divided into two halves, actual code based development and the other (my area) theoretical development aka. game design or promotional stuff (like this post!). To say we’re understaffed for the ambitious goals we’re seeking is an understatement, the fact that this server actually started development not too long after RedM’s original release and is yet to actually be in a state worth showing to the public is telling. But it’s not like we’re trying to rush things out the door are we?

So it goes without saying we need some extra hands on deck, whether you’re experienced in LUA and or HTML, JS & CSS, prior work on FiveM servers or like me are more theoretically inclined like me and can work with systems and game balance or just straight up promotion via posts like these or youtube videos you can contact us via discord. NOTE: To actually get our attention you can drop a message on the discord server, we’ll see it. Or you can contact me directly at thekingbutten#5114. Either works and hey don’t be scared I tend to think i’m a pretty approachable person and we’re very open to all applicants. Plus how many people actually get to say they’ve been apart of a project as ambitious like this?

Also just something small to add on here, we might look at FiveM itself in the future. There’s some plans that have been drafted up for it already although all of the focus is on RedM right now.

Okay I think i’ve rambled enough for today I think it’s time for that post you were promised months ago at this point about crime. :cowboy_hat_face:


"Imagine you and your gang of friends or even family are on the run from the law. Pitching camps in remote parts of the wilderness avoiding the reach of society." This pretty much summarises the core of the criminal lifestyle. Robbing banks, robbing people and constantly avoiding the law by doing it. This lifestyle if players opt into it, is one that cannot be easily left and is very different from normal civilian life.

Life on the run isn’t easy. Commit enough crimes and you’ll earn yourself a bounty, and with a bounty comes enterprising individuals looking to make a few extra bucks by hunting you down. The jurisdiction of Lawmen may be restricted by the states and territories they operate in, Bounty Hunters don’t play by the same rules. So if you want to evade the law as long as possible you should avoid towns and cities and stay off the main roads. Pitch a camp deep within the forest or swamp, live off the land around you and possibly make a few excursions into the nearby residences to get some canned beans. That’s the daily routine of a hardened criminal.

The server will offer multiple character slots for players to make use of. Currently the number is being decided but there should have enough for you to partake in most of if not all of the content the server has to offer. Because being a criminal isn’t just something you can do like in most roleplay server’s i’ve experienced. The systems related to crime are being built in a way where those who heavily invest in it will sacrifice a lot of the luxuries and abilities other players have. Being an outlaw means you can’t just walk into a town and buy stuff at the general store. It’s possible but if someone recognises you from the posters you better start running.
But on the other hand fleeing from one side of the map to the either might be a decision you make, hiding out in a rundown desert town as the Law are looking for you in Saint Denis. Aside from maybe the occasional bounty hunter you’d be pretty safe to go about your business without having to watch your back. Your wanted status may remain perpetually but it doesn’t apply across every region, just wherever you committed the crime. And the severity of the crime determines the bounty.

There’s a lot more to say about how the system works and there’s a lot we also don’t want to say, just know that currently this system isn’t based off scripts but rather players. Players have to commit the crimes, players acting as Lawmen have to place the bounty depending on the severity of the crime and players have to be hunted down and made to pay for their crimes. I’d much rather spend time explaining the activities rather than the logistics, but before I get to the criminal activities I feel I should quickly touch on what Lawmen do.


Lawmen are your peacekeepers. They keep murderers and thieves in check and resolve disputes amongst the populace. As is standard for most roleplay environments there’s always the parallel of cops vs crooks, good vs evil, control vs chaos; So we figured we’d lean into this aspect a lot further as it’s how a majority of people like to play.

So one thing a lot of you paragon type players may like to hear is we don’t plan to neuter your abilities as a lawman, via rules or via ranks. As soon as you’re out of the training phase you will pretty much have every tool at your disposal, your decisions on matters not influenced by a higher up. You have free will to act in a way which you feel is right. This might make the power go to some people’s heads and we acknowledge that, as such we do want to limit the negative affects as much as possible in a few simple ways.

First thing is lawmen are region locked. When you sign up you get to choose the region you wish to patrol (It may be full in which case you can choose somewhere else) that region is the only area you can patrol. If you choose New Hanover for example you can patrol the area surrounding Valentine, Emerald ranch and anywhere in-between. Your jurisdiction ends at the state line. The reason why this is the case is because of the second limiter.
There are no radios and no means of communications between Lawmen on patrol. This is a bit of a no brainer considering the time period but all communication is done in person or through writing. So ideally you want to stick together, strength with numbers and all that but you’ll want to keep someone in town. While there may be no way for Lawmen to chat the different Sheriffs office’s can communicate with each other via telegram. Simple text communication that may relay information or be a call for help when the local bank is being robbed. But that is all.
The final reason why is ranking structure. There is currently intended to be only a few ranks. Each rank additionally doesn’t provide new tools just more responsibility. Rookie rank is a training phase more than anything, after that you can patrol around and deal with trouble with or without the Sheriff (probably with because patrolling solo is a bad idea). If you come across something and there’s no-one more experienced that can deal with it better you do what you think is right. But when the shooting starts you’ve got to bring your own guns if you want to stand a fighting chance.
Ranking following Sheriff status opens things up considerably. Instead of one region you can now patrol an entire half of the map, with all of the extra trouble that brings. But aside from that if you want to bounty hunt thats a separate job entirely, same with detectives who act under the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the military. They aren’t included in Lawmen ranking structure but also aren’t given some of the same privileges and assets.

The key takeaway from all of this mumbo jumbo is Lawmen are intended to have more depth behind them than just promotions, fancier guns and a superiority complex originating out of the nether region. There is no larger governing body that makes decisions for you outside of maybe the Mayor. As a Sheriff you can make decisions on the laws, the punishments and how you treat people. Will you be a hero of the people, locking up hardened criminals and protecting the innocent. Or will you let the local bootlegger off with a warning after he slips you a “gift” under the table. How you act is up to you but remember your actions may come back to bite you someday.


On the other side of the spectrum are the Outlaws. People who turn to crime out of necessity or want, they directly appose the Lawmen and everything they stand for. But they aren’t soulless, faceless murderers and thieves right? (I mean you don’t play criminals like that do you. Do you?).
If you’re on the run on your own it’s a solitary life for you, as if you weren’t already lonely. Camping in the wilderness enjoying the atmosphere and trying not to be caught by the team of bounty hunters on your trail. But as pleasant or unpleasant as that may be it’s often better to bring friends.
Now things get interesting.

With your own little gang you have more guns at your disposal, suddenly your targets become larger, the gains more promising and your ability to fight back against the law more obvious. But you also have companionship. Sitting around the campfire telling tales, perhaps having camp cooks or people on lookout duty. It’s all possible. And the best bit, these interactions are handled by you the players. We make poke or prod you into that kind of direction but everything after that is up to you.

So yeah life as an Outlaw can be a lot different, if Arthur’s story has taught us anything it’s a dangerous and bloody one. But there can also be fellowship and beauty in it. As for the fun activities you can partake in, well here’s a list.

Bank Robberies - Simple stickup at the branch bank. Simple right? No. See these banks aren’t empty or without life, because there is another person behind the counter. A person with the capacity to think, feel and be afraid because like you or me they are also a player. You can imagine what kind of challenges this may present even without the presence of armed security or other players making deposits. Beyond this getting into the vault is also a challenge although as I’ve already said there is a staff member present, they may have a set of keys…
Store Robberies - Aside from the general store owner who is a stinking NPC every store (ideally) is operated by a player. So stick them up if you dare because there’s always a degree of unpredictability when dealing with another human.
Train Robberies - Also manned by players transporting other players, you have a lot to gain if the train is busy and if you’re in the middle of the wilderness who’s there to stop you? Just be careful, the people running these services no doubt keep track of time and can tell when something is more than a bit suspicious.
These are your main three that are currently planned, stickups and thefts in the wilderness will also be included along with everything that associated with that, possibly homestead robberies aswell. You’ve got a lot of ways to make some ill-gotten cash but know when to quit, because there’s always another goddamn train.

You don’t want to get caught and the punishments reflect that. Commit a small crime and get arrested, serve some time or pay a fine. Commit something bigger or a few smaller ones, serve more time or pay a larger fine.

Remain on the run for awhile, commit multiple large scale robberies or murders? Serve a much longer amount of time but not in the local Sheriffs office, in the maximum security prison. How long you may be asking? Well the minimum is twelve real life hours, so get comfy and get affiliated with your bunk buddies or maybe change characters since serving time doesn’t require you to be playing the character.

Now if you break out of prison, commit a ton of murders, rob literally everyone and remain on the run for weeks your bounty will be upped considerably. Already at this point a lot of people should be looking for you since your bounty would be over $50 but now with a server manager/execs approval your bounty could be raised to Dead or Alive status. At this point your fate is sealed. Your death is certain, so run as long as you can because eventually your misdeeds will catch up with you. At the end of a barrel, or via a noose.

The life of an Outlaw is an interesting one owing to the lack of organisation that comes with this sort of lifepath I can’t exactly outline a full list of activities or structure like with Lawmen because that simply doesn’t exist. Just know that you will have to change the way you play the server massively if this is your preferred path and that’s the way we like it. But I’ve haven’t even considered the more subtle criminals out there, the types that climb corporate ladders or utilise their social standing or wealth to escape justice. Those characters have a a place here aswell, but for many the traditional path to criminality will be one separated from society, where every man and woman has the ability to truly be free. Remaining one step of society and the order that is chasing them.

In Closing

So yeah that it’s for, well the past three months now. Pretty much catching you all up to speed and letting you know this project isn’t abandoned. If anything it was just put on a hiatus. The Discord server should hopefully be more active after this post or at least we’ll attempt to keep it active with some stupid memes and whatever else we find funny. We’ll be doing some Q&A’s and be posting some “Dev Leaks” in there aswell so join now and get your questions answered!

Aside from that we do appreciate the interest in this project, no matter the capacity. The view count just shows us people are seeing what we’re trying to put out there and honestly that can be enough to motivate some people. And of course on the back of that we really do need some motivated developers who really want to try and do something different and innovate on in the roleplay space, or you know be involved in the first Australasian RedM server. Please don’t hesitate, come talk to us we’re very approachable people.

I do hope you enjoyed the little titbits i’ve shared about Crime on the server. Some of my ramblings may come off as a bit of an information overload but there really is a lot to share on this topic so you could come and ask us yourself any questions or query’s you may have and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability. Look forward to future updates here and in the Discord, hopefully they won’t be a couple months apart next time :wink:

Disclaimer - I haven’t included images in this post for two reasons. First reason is I can’t be bothered chucking them through Discord and doing the crappy ripped edges effect. And secondly because I think going forward if the images don’t come from within the server they shouldn’t be included. I will add them retroactively in the future when some are made available to me.

Update 2 - 13/2/21

Yeah we went quiet again, whoopsies. But things have come up and people have been busy so we haven’t had much time, if any at all to dedicate to this project. BUT for the third time I’m saying again, we’re going to pickup again development shortly. Take that with a grain of salt though.

I’m happy to say the Discord server was updated, improved and is significantly better in comparison to how it was before. Yay. We’ve also had a couple people swing by and say hi but activity is still low. There was one chap, nice guy tried a little bit of the ol’ advertising was kinda funny actually. But other than that it’s been pretty quiet.

Now listen before I get anymore comfortable I do have to address the need for developers. Yes we’re still looking for some more to supplement our inconsistent schedules and get something, anything done. Above requirements still apply because it’s difficult to work with us otherwise. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If you do pop into the discord and you ask but receive no reply please be patient. There was one guy who I missed because I was having a shower.
Another thing that might be useful. That new FiveM dev kit thing hopefully will be ported to RedM at some point (don’t @ me). Knowledge as to how to use it might actually come in handy.
So yeah if you want to help you can join the Discord server and chat to us. At this point I’d just face the fact the discord is pretty dead so don’t let that dissuade you. Not that an in-progress project would have an active Discord anyway…

That’s about it for this one, new details to share as I’d rather stay quiet on stuff until we’ve actually got stuff to show. Just wanted to let everyone know we’re still around, somehow. And the server will be out, when it’s ready.