Project Phoenix RP (PPRP) A Place Of Endless Possibilities

Project Phoenix RP 18+ Community

What can our amazing server offer? Take a look below.

Mumble VOIP
24/7 server uptime
A fully optimized Custom Framework server built to be compatible with all types of computers
Experienced and Approachable staff members, who are ready to assist all members
An advanced selection of Open interiors and custom interiors for players to explore
Jobs that foster RP for criminals and Law abiding citizens
OneSync Infinity with 1024 slots #nomoreQueue (full GTA AI included)
Invested and Active Dev’s with live fixes with minimal server disruptions
Opportunity to create your own business with a personal custom built interiors (This is pending business app review)
Quick application turn around (72 hrs Currently)
Endless possibilities

Departments to Offer:
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas State Police ( Invite Only)
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Fire and Medical

Join us in our Discord: text

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:star_struck: BKBiggy

Our 3.0 Drop is here and why not come check out the hot new fresh off the press stuff with tons more in the works. Grind never stop and the RP shouldn’t either. Plenty of opportunity for growth and your RP. All you have to do is get whitelisted.

Well said. :+1: