Project Life RP Revamped v1.0 Controller Friendly Cops VS Robbers 500+ Custom vehicles PVP Gangs Welcome Pets Custom Clothing

The server also does monthly giveaways if your into that, so i’d join if i was you!

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Yeh I saw you on the grind of then, I heard they are limited cars as well, might have to get one myself!

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Ah it’s nice to have the old crew back

Nice photo there!

No spoilers but i heard robberies are coming in soon!

Woahhhh! Giveaway for Cloud Gaming Headsets - Cloud Core, Cloud, Cloud II | HyperX **Or $100 Via PayPal starting tomorrow!!! Don’t miss your chance!

We doing a give away come stop by the server

How do I join this server??

We have updated all links and videos

Is this server v-menu or ESX/Q-Bus? Also, is this whitelisted or public server?

This server is open for all, we do not allow any menus of any kind, and we are a ESX server

This was a great photo

Server name update [Project Life RP Revamped v1.0]

Testing having Kids/ A baby Project Life RP Testing Having Kids | 91 Views πŸ‘€ | | #1 Free Clip Platform

Yo it’s been like 3 years can you unban my discord so I can join the server, I aint never found another fivem server like the project life, my discord is JKitten#2584, by the way, I was never cheating, never bought or used mods on GTA in my life