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Updated All Clothing

Fixed EMS & PD
Added 300+ New Cars
Updated Inventory
Updated Huds
Updated Heists

Bump, our discord got nuked by some immature people. Hope everyone joins back!

We are looking for an entirely new set of staff, if you are interested please let us know

This city is working up to be something so sick, so much hard work is getting out in by the staff team, roll on BETA day

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Discord has been redone, completely new rebrand with logos and all new design work.

Recruiting for all agencies!

We have now added comic books and a comic book store. You can find somebody around the city to sell these comic books too for a much higher price than you purchase for. Each set of comics has a different person around the map you must talk with to sell that specific comic book too.

Added new MDT system for police/ems/roadside assistance.

We have now added Funko Pops. New FUNKO’s will be added every Friday and new Comic Books will be added every Saturday!

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Recruiting EMS AND PD!

We need lawyers and judges ASAP!

New AMBULANCE script!

Looking for all staff spots.