Project ALPHA 2.0 | Zombie Survival | S.T.A.L.K.E.R | Base Building | PvPvE | Drugs | Clans | Active Staff

  • Every day improvements are made. Feel free to try our servers and make suggestions. We listen to your feedback!
  • Our first update for 2.5 has released, come check out the awesome new changes.
  • We’ve fixed all major bugs. Come join our community!
  • The server has been running smoother than ever, with many new bug fixes and improvements made. Come check out the community :slight_smile:
  • Things have been going great. Stop on by and check out our community.
  • We’ve moved all of our community servers to much newer and faster hardware.

Here is the system powering our experience.

  • AMD Ryzen 9 7950X @ 4.50 / 5.70 GHz
  • 16GB DDR5 RAM

Come check out the massive performance improvements. We’re soon releasing new updates that’ll introduce more dungeons, interesting aspects, and more. We’re only getting started and are soon expanding into other titles!

  • Come check out the community!
  • We’re growing day by day. We’re near our 1000 member goal. Come help us reach it!
  • Come survive our apocalypse. Improvements are being made daily.
  • We’re close to releasing another large update. Come check it out!
  • Update 2.5.1 is out, come check out the awesome new content. We’ve listened to the community yet again with this one!
  • Come check out all the new content. We’re releasing another batch of updates shortly!
  • Come check out the awesome community!
  • Growing day by day, come join in and see what our experience has to offer. Our original ideas keep coming.
  • We’re close to launching our secondary ZRP server, come along and apply before launch!
  • We’re still growing our player base, come join up and check out the community.
  • Passively growing daily, come check out Project ALPHA if you have not already. We’d love to hear your ideas!
  • We’re close to 1,000 members. Help us reach that goal!
    Check out Project ALPHA!

10/10 server I love it so far and I hope to see it get bigger over time!!

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