Project Aftershock | Hiring Police & EMS | State RP | Justice System | Custom EUP | Economy | Semi-Serious Roleplay | Unique interiors

Welcome to Project AfterShock. As a forming network we look everyone as family, we want to progress with each other and learn new things.
We strive to give you the most open options to play as your character with it being Civ, EMS, or Police we want you to be able to grow your RP.

Impulse strives to have heavy devlopment as for that we’re constantly changing, adding and updating new things.

  • Power Department

Be sure to check on the city, the power gets damanged causing repairs leading to blackouts. Also be mindful the generators can be sabotaged causing blackouts in the city of the choosing!

  • City Bars / Restraunts

Help support the people that need it! be an offiicial bar owner running to grab supplies to make sure your customers stay happy!

  • Car Dealership

Run the dealership how you want to! order new cars and pick them up, also have the power to control the prices so you can give your customer the best possible deal!
Impulse is constantly adding more custom cars to replace those obviously cool cars we all love.

Run a dealership and supply the customers of Los Santos the car of their dreams! all prices can be managed

  • Gas Stations

Charge what you want! most of the gas stations around Los santos are able to be owned. Soon offer the ablitiy to own the stores located with gas stations!

  • Trucking

Be a trucker! travel from plaeto back to Los Santos get that money. Job is similar to Euro Trucker game

  • Bank Trucking

Pick up money from gas stations business soon deliever back to the union. Becareful people can rob the truck placing explosives on the back but also having the chance for them to lose the money in the process.

  • Homeless
    Ever just not wanted to do nothing. now you can! we have a homeless script allowing you to have a rat pet to get you food, a bucket to get you money and a sign to show people you need money. dont forget your trolly

Always adding new cars and always adding new suggestions!

Our server supports hunting! allowing for more than 1 source of income. but be cautious you will have those looking to ruin the fun going against the rules with illegal hunting.

Police have custom EUP and Liverys

  • San Andreas State Police
    Currently looking for trooper

  • Los Santos Police Department
    Currently looking for officers

  • Los Santos Sheriff Department
    Currently looking for a Department Head & deputies

  • Blaine County County Sheriff Department
    Currently looking for deputies

  • Los Santos Dispatch
    Looking for Department Head

  • Fire Department / Medical

Currently looking for personnel and Chief

Server IP :
DISCORD : Project AfterShock