I’m trying to set up a new FiveM roleplay server and I’m able to invest to buy the first few months.

The ToS says I can’t make any profits other than to cover immediate server costs.

Since I’m planning on letting people donate to cover server costs I’m worried that if I get a large donation this would eventually be seen as profit?

So my question is:
If I receive any more moeny from donations then to cover immediate costs, what am I supposed to do?

I’m fine with making no profit since I enjoy hosting the server.

My plan was to donate every penny I don’t need for the server to charity. Is it fine to do so?

its simple;
once you hit the server cost, stop accepting donations.

I would keep donations enabled. It may cover server costs but I assume it’s reoccurring so why disable it when you may need it in the future? Also use excess donations on more in-game things, maybe even purchase more servers

I would refer you to the ToS, You are not allowed to make profit.

Don’t try to make money off FiveM. Not even your game services. Covering costs incurred from
third parties (server rent, product licensing, …) is fine, however any additional profit (including
‘donations’ other than to cover immediate costs) is not.