ProFit Roleplay | FIveM | Active Staff | Whitelisted | 2021

ProFit Roleplay is a vMenu based whitelisted roleplay server with real laws, vehicles, and YMAP’s.

ProFit Roleplay was established in October of 2021 . Our goal as a community was to create an environment that felt like a democracy and not a dictatorship. All of our members have a voice when it comes to the future of the server and are treated with the same respect that you would receive as a department head. All opinions are valued in ProFit and are not taken lightly. Our main mission is to grow and provide a professional, stable and highly customized server with custom cars, stations, buildings, clothing, billboards and road signs.

Come check us out and discover your place in our unique community! You must complete a whitelist application to join the server. Our server utilizes both Discord & Teamspeak.

Click here to join our discord!
Click here to go to our website!

Our Main LEO Departments:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (Hiring)
  • Sheriffs Department (Hiring)
  • Police Department (Hiring)
  • San Andreas Fire / EMS (Hiring)

Why Join?

  • Most scenarios are allowed
  • Custom Toolbox for Civilians & LEO
  • Custom Vehicles, Buildings, Police Stations, Billboards, Signs & Activities
  • vMenu, EmoteMenu, Toolbox
  • LEO & Staff Clocking with logs
  • Own a Business
  • Friendly staff
  • Roleplay’s hosted everyday
  • Unique custom server features
  • Utilize both TS3 & Discord
  • Server trainings
  • Custom Scripts
  • Many different LEO sub departments (Constantly using new vehicles/liveries)

A legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
TeamSpeak 3 and Discord
MUST show respect to both players and staff, administrators at all times!
Must be able to speak full English
15+ of age

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