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I’ve spent the best of 2 years in the server and continues to grow and deliver of community feedback!


Having a lot of fun with the people in the server. Lots to do and lots of people to interact with.

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We’ve got a HUGE clothing and game build update coming Friday!!!

Check that post out here Discord

Make sure you join the discord Production RP

Best server i have ever played on

Big update dropped today for game build, clothing and more.


Loving my time here!


Honestly one of the best RP servers I have been on. Just check my review on it for further excitement.

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This weekend we saw events from a BCSO Press Conference, a bike tour around the city, a criminal docket, a Beer and burger event, Club night at the VU, to a player ran player v player casino with various games! No matter what your vibe is there’s always something to do!

This upcoming week there’s Open Mic night! Bare-knuckle boxing, a fireman festival and girly pop night

Every week is different with PRP, every week there’s countless events to get involved with!

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Big shoutout to all the community members & the dev team for all the work they put into the server. Very W. Also lots of fun events for everyone to attend & enjoy.


Huge thanks to you and everyone above commenting.

Our game build update went great and theres TONS of unique and refreshing things to do in the server. Everyday we are making changes and working on features!

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Honestly one of the best RP servers I have been on! been here for over a year and Im loving it <3


Been around the city for just coming up to a year, met so many amazing people. Lots of great events happening through the week & weekends <3

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More tattoo’s and features coming soon! Lots of development work in the background going on for new features, fixes and quality of life!

Been here since inception. We continue to improve and provide content for every form of RPer! #BetterBusinessBureauOnTop

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We’ve been making loads of progress on our back end for features for the server. We’ve also upgraded our anti-cheat.

We talk about a bunch of new features, quality of life and what’s next in our announcements on discord!

Been here since May of last year, server has a good economy that is closely monitored and has lots of active gangs and more criminal activities than anywhere I’ve been. 200+ people to interact with nightly, fully custom scripts and custom framework mean they can add most things you suggest.

10/10 server, but gimme my damn functional TVs Ghost :wink:

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Thanks for posting scruffy.

If you check us out make sure you check out all the feature rich things we offer to our community. Racing is a daily and nightly thing for normal and ranked racing as well!

Nothing better than this server

This city looks amazing