PROBLEM With my Command "Applaud" (animation)

I have try to execute animation but it doesnt work… with the TaskHandsUp it working but with the applaud, No !

	if action == "applau" then
	Taskslow_clap(GetPlayerPed(-1), 1000, GetPlayerPed(-1), -1, true)
	drawNotification("~g~You Applaud")

This is not a native.

?? I have test the command dude, i’m not a expert in GTA before im developed addon on Garry’s Mod…

u don’t need " _ " in native, TaskSlowClap and i don’t think " Taskslow_clap is a native command "

ok i go testing and i prevent u … thx dude ^^

it doesnt work the SlowClap (Applaud) doesnt working when i click on Applaud…

Possible to have your code to make spawn a car from the menu? I’m currently working on an RP server