Problem with intel gpu

I have a problem with my intel gpu on my laptop
maybe a solution to look on for the dev’s ?

i updated my intel gpu allready
Steam bought game
run admin same problem
windows updated also

I can run this on my Intel HD Graphics 3000 no problem. If you are below Sandy Bridge, you are F.U.C.K.E.D.

mwah i hope not , i can play gta 5 online and offline i see no reason why fivereborn don’t have a solution for it

If it doesn’t support it you can’t play, gta 5 requires a lower directx compatibility level.

@kanersps your right, I have tried testing GTA 5 on intel gpus with a max support for DirectX 10, not 10.1, no luck there, you need to have a minimum of 10.1 or better to even run the game.

@Nick1988 what GPu do you have, I hope its not one of those shitty express chipsets from the early to mid 2000’s

you can downgrade the dirext x from steam then mod it with fivereborn. steam will install the proper files for direct x if you bought the CD version you can still downgrade but thats a diff story

@lordsp1ce Doesn’t fix it if your gpu doesn’t support it.

hmm that does suck sorry couldnt be more hellp



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@jwbjnwolf can’t disable my graphic card in the bios.

@Nick1988 in device manager you can disable one or the other by right clicking on the device. i would try the AMD first and see how that goes

disabeled first the amd graphic card , same error , disable the intel graphic card same problem

problem was already resolved.