Problem with Five M

Sorry to disturb you but I have a problem:

  • GTA V Up to date

  • Legit

  • Steam but starts with the social club

  • Windows 7

  • caches.xml delete : and try mermagain but same mistake

  • Error 1 : After installing FiveM and connecting to a server, nothing works, I am blocked at this screen:
    I can not click on the menu with the keyboard and the mouse but the game back is ok

So I followed the advice of my friends, I clear the cache and I restarted and it shows me the second error:

(Error1) Problem on every server I tried to join

CitizenFX.log file :

my five m folder :

my GTA V folder :


yes i try to disable/uninstall my antivirus

Note that windows 7 is no longer supported. If you require support upgrade your OS.

I come back to you after being under windows 10 as you advised me.

here is my problem

On Five M:

  • I can not set the example key configurations correctly: I put the “Z” key to advance? he automatically puts me the “W” key
  • It happens that my game crash / lag for a few seconds in full games
  • Sometimes my game crashes and displays this error:
  • the window of five M seems to have worries (Five M crash when I put it in full screen)

Thank you for your understanding, if you need more details to help me do not hesitate

I moved your new topic into this old topic, don’t create multiple topics next time!

I’m not very happy, it’s been a week that I wait for solutions to my concerns about your software and all I’m told is: do not create new topic

Its not something that simple to fix, its a problem that i have personally never gotten.

You need to be patient while the developers look into the problem so they can get the best possible answer.

This issue may not even be FiveM’s fault, so you need to understand that they need to look at every possible reason for this to happen, if it can not be recreated there is no way of telling why its happening.

You want to provide all the information on the support template? Might help figure out what going wrong.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Could be an internet issue, try joining a fresh server (if you can find one/make one) and see if it works for you.

Sounds like a computer problem… Would be nice to have the support template filled out

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