Problem with EUP and server showing on server list

Problems with EUP and servers list. Hello! Atm I am working for a friend on his server , but I am having problems with my servers , he doesnt show up on servers list but he have heartbeats, I have updated artifacts and “#sv_master “””. The EUP started working but now I got the defaults clothes

You must to have onesynch patron 15$ or higher, if you want the EUP.

The server owner have it!

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Whats version use of the EUP? If you use the latest server sided eup (8.1 V3): Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 3.9 ALPHA

Than you should use this server side eup-ui (menu)

There is something with server IP, I have the Ip blocked but fivem support doesnt answer me…