Print Trace & Events


I’m beginner on modding and i have some questions.
First of all, i’m a c# developper since 10year :slight_smile:

So my biggest problem for now, is i can’t print anything. I tried print(“test”) and rconlon(“test”) and both do not write enything.
I have several ideas about my problem :

  • I don’t watch at the good place
  • I have to set a paramater to allow printing

Does someone can help me for that ?

Then, i don’t find informations about EventHandler especialy on FiveM framwork.
In fact i know how to use them between client and server. But when i try to create one by myself with a parameter it don’t works. (like desabling fully the mod)
Only event with parameter from client to server work. But not from server to client… Do I miss something ?

Thanks a lot.

If you want to print in the server console use print (“Hello World”) if you want to print in the client console aka F8 console use Citizen.Trace (“Hello World”).