[PREVIEW] V1.1 Personal Menu [WIP]

Hiiii everyone it’s me Zuqaa :slight_smile: Today I show the semi-final version of my script

[I just show a screenshot and in 6-7 days i release the menu]

Screenshot :

Main: http://prntscr.com/f2xlyi

Animations: http://prntscr.com/f2xmi7 [WORKING]

Phone: Coming [UNSTARTED]

Identity Card: In test !

Drop money: http://prntscr.com/f2xmpo [UNFINISHED]

Save Position: http://prntscr.com/f2xmue [WORKING]

My WebSite:

Website: http://evasionrp.eu/

Forums: http://evasionrp.eu/forums/index.php

Donation: http://evasionrp.eu/forums/index.php?donate/

My future Project:

Authentification Script(Character creation, age, NameRP…)

Complete Federal Script ( Police (governement, cia… and more) )

Thirst/Hunger System (Very EZ)

Inventory System (similar design to my menu personal)

Special thanks:

@Havoc For ur Help <3
@LordZuqaa and @Zuqaa it’s me :smiley:
@ZeCreeps For ur Save position Script :wink:

And don’t forget… #LoveOpenSource

That’s not a private addon, chill out ! Just wait the release ! It will arrive soon !


Nice :stuck_out_tongue:
All work good ?

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Yes but the phone and the identity card is in WIP :wink:

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Nice i wait with impatience :slight_smile:


Nice Job, i’m waiting asswell :slight_smile:

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Do you think you can release the code even if everything is not implement ?

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Hey zuqa CAN you come on my teamspeak gridcorp.fr , I’m french and i want to talk With you

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Nice :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck for the rest of your project

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good luck in your project :smiley:

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at least can you add the inventory to this ? :smiley:


Good job :smiley: Just make sure to encode your file in UTF-8 Without BOM (for special caracters like é, ê, à … ^^)


hello zuqaa, thanks again for sharing those files!, i was wondering, will mind you make a “basic how to edit” video about that menu like you did please ?for those who wants to learn, like me, so i can make mine, or completly create mine after some pratice ? please it’sreally important for me


Good luck boss for the project who will revolutionate all the new servers

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Hy dude can yo share your source code for us like that if we can we help you ! ^^

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Nice work, but what would a copy paste from the one on the server failyV ?

It’s not because failyV does something that similar scripts are copy past. Faily take idea from here and some developer take idea from faily because they take but they don t share the scripts :slight_smile:


I do not criticize his taff,
I find just damage that it does not differentiate this server (failyV)
It is not customized its menu has its taste
When you compare the 2

  • options

Sorry if my english is not very good

Create a menu and you could say that

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Don’t care about the design, the most important are the features, you can custom the menu as you want when he decide to share the src


You know the purpose of a post and comment and give your opinion
Each opinion can be useful precisely to evolve its project
That the remark is good or bad it must be taken into account
If you consider to say to someone of customized his project would be better
And an inescapable criticism just because you only expect to leech his work for your server
So you post a useless comment my friend