[PREVIEW] | GMD_Radio aka GMD_Walkie | Modern style | 4G+

Hey guys

I am currently working on a radio that has 2 UIs.

Civilians get the radio from the picture/video, Cops,EMS,Mechanic would then get a different UI with no touchscreen, this would all run by script query and no different item would be needed.

Sure you could just make a UI with on/off, but what would that be with a modern radio?

Open goals:

  • LED flashes depending on error or radio loss
  • Signal bar always changes how far you are from a radio mast (via Config)
  • Settingsmenu Design (In the video only default)
  • Player in Channel List via UI and Listapp (see notify in video)
  • Job App where certain jobs can create private channel.
  • Build state jobs UI

The radio will be available for ■■■■■■■■■ and InGame-Voice (PMA,Mumble)

What do you think is that too much of a good thing or something new?

Do you have any ideas make a comment happy!!!

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Nice Work Bro!

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