Prevent spawned npc rage driving


im doing a npc car valet parking system but when a player shoots the npc car or nearby the npc they start to drive in another way and doing rage driving.

There any way to prevent it?

I tested with:

SetDriverAggressiveness(driverPed, 0.0)
SetDriverAbility(driverPed, 1.0)

But it doesnt works. Any idea?
Do I have to encapsulate these functions in a loop while the npc is driving?

I believe you’d want to set the following native for your ped:

Dunno if necessary thus putting in two other things:

Setting it as a mission entity could be smart in order to not have the ped deleted randomly by GTA.

If that doesn’t work search for relationship in the docs. Set your ped to be at relationship 0 or 1 with the players (allied). They should stop reacting on shooting.


You are my man!!
Really thanks!