Pretty good

Server has come a long way, there is a large variety of vehicles and customization, along with fairly active mech shops and populace. Some areas need some tweaks and balancing here and there, but overall it’s been a decent time. Admins generally listen to people’s opinions and healthy discussions can be held. Unlike some of the reviews left, the city is not a rampant mess, just know that not everything can be gotten in one day, this isn’t an 100k or die server. It’s a slow grind, but it makes it all the more fulfilling. Their new food script thingy makes it so that player businesses revolving around food are much more central which is neat, or you can cook your own (but I suck at cooking). Sure, not every server is perfect, but at least it’s enjoyable with its issues here and there. WOULD RECCOMEND FOR A GROWING SERVER EXPERIENCE


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