Prefech SafeZone


The best to use SafeZone!
Supports both Polygon and Spheres Zones.

Additional Info:

  • Easy to add more zones.
  • Easy to use a custom notification resource.
  • Limit vehicle speed in the zones.
    • You can add a bypass for vehicles classes in the config.
  • Weapon bypass.
    • Allow the use by you of selected weapons.
  • Low Resmon
    • When you’re in a zone your resmon will be a bit higher (Max 0.10ms)
    • When you’re outside it will drop to 0.08ms.
      • This is with borders otherwise it will be 0.00ms
    • When you’re out of range the resmon will drop to 0.00ms


Documantation (Soon™)


Download (€9.99):



isn’t this the basic feature that polyzone offer, just add a little native function what do you want to do inside zone

Not really but if that’s what you think no one is forcing you to buy it :wink:

uhh same ?

Lol no not the same

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Does it have a UI when inside safezone? A video presentation would be better than images to see the features


Its a free script


they’re made by the same person :laughing:

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Yes clearly not also made by us :wink:
Still not the same tho.

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Using FiveM Escrow Protection?

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Yes it is

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i have a problem with weapon bypass i put this on config but still i cant use this weapon tho…
any ideas ?