Precision RP 1.5 FRESHLY WIPED

Precision RP was recently wiped and with the wipe brought an influx of activities to do around the city. The city provides a balance of both custom criminal features and civilian. The main focus of 1.5 was to create a more balanced economy where it felt as if money had value and also created an atmosphere where it wasn’t required to be a criminal in order to make money. The city provides 8+ custom civilian jobs to do throughout the city along with main player owned businesses in which you can apply for. Obviously, with having a strong civilian aspect we also have the vast criminal side to the city. We provide dozens of unique and customs heists, drugs and weapons. The city for criminals heavily revolves around doing heists but also working for materials in order to level up benches scattered around the map so you can make dozens of custom weapons. The city is fitted with all fully custom weapons to give a new feel to the gameplay. Countless hours have been spent by the team to make sure that players have the best experience possible and create a balanced feel to the city.

Here are some features:
-Entire heist system setup with progression to the next banks.
-Oil Rig Heist
-Bobcat Heist
-A couple small mini-heists involving shooting guards and completing hacks.
-Boosting System
-Jewelry Store Heist
-Group Civilian Jobs such as Sanitation, PostOP and Tow Truck where you work together to make more money/materials. These are also configured to work with certain foods to give you higher payouts.
-Mutiple Solo Civilian Jobs (Taxi, Farming, Construction, Trucking and Bus Driving)
-All of the vehicles are worked on extremely hard and tested to try and create a balanced feel to driving and keep cars similar in performance depending on the model.
-Alta Apartment as starting apartment.
-A extremely refined dispatch and MDT system for both PD and DOJ to use.
-A fishing system with different difficulty areas for better payouts.
-Metal Detecting
-Hundreds of Custom Emotes
-Custom Spraypaint Script allowing the addition of PNGs for custom sprays.
-Ability to grow weed inside of your houses/warehouses
-Drug System with several labs and possibility of Corner Selling/Bulk Selling.
-Illegal Meth/Oxy Runs both with different unique features.
-Full Casino Script with lucky wheel and all types of gambling tables.
-Full Crafting Script with multiple benches throughout the map all being used for different items.

The city allows you to create your own story and decide whether you want to live life as a civilian or a criminal. From countless gangs all fitted with custom clothing and MLOs to businesses trying to build their way up and make money legally. There are tons of things for you to explore.

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To finish this up, here are some pictures in the city:


city has a lot of potential.