[Pre-Alpha] Tow Garage

I have made a tow garage for RP server

1.Download the File
2.Put it in the resource folder
3.Write towgarage in citmp-server.yml

The install is the same then My Police Garage:

Download here:
towgarage.rar (4.5 KB)

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nice, good job ! :slight_smile: Have very nice day

Hi, nice share #teambaguette but you forgot to put the vehshop_server.lua because he’s empty !

@RomualdYT No it’s because I used the vehicle shop to create this mod

What is your “tow” garage ? Could you be more precisly ?

It’s a menu for you to have towtruck​
It’s only at the tow place

what the difference with this mod and [Release] Police Garage you made?

This one is for the tow job

which tow job is this for? or is that all in this release?

this script spawns the tow truck at the location, you then combine it with the pv-tow script.
that’s what i’ve done anyway.

Hey cool, thanks Manny

does anybody know which line it would be to change or add to have the vehicle orientation changed, Ive added a line but it only seems to do the display vehicle and one you hit purchase it goes back to the way it was facing

i should mention i added

local veh = CreateVehicle(hash,545.819,-210.152,53.590,180.0,false,false)

this gives me the coordinates to spawn the vehicle, and the 180 flips it directly opposite of north but it only shows up on the preview window when i go to purchase its facing the opposite

final edit, 2 mins after i asked i figured it out theres a line called
personalvehicle = CreateVehicle(model,545.819,-210.152,53.590,180.0,true,false)

and this was set to the old coordinates, it was labeled [pos1][pos2]ectect. i prefer coordinates…

where is the garage on fivem