I have over 300 hours in-game and looking for a new RP server the job I’m hoping to get a High command job as an officer I’ve been high command on four different servers previously. I have the passion and dedication to improve this new server I will be joining or the ability to help out the community my name is Vic I have been known as not a quitter when I see something I know has potential I will never give up until I believe I can do no more for the server my previous jobs I’ve been the 03 of the San Andreas State Police Department and was there since day one I’m hoping one of you reading this will be able to give me the job I desire thanks for your time VIC

dm me on discord Mewizard#0022

I have a brand new community looking for people to fill all positions please contact me on discord. My name is J.Eagle#2319

Hey there, Signal One Roleplay is actively growing and we are breaking our player count almost every patrol, join us today and check us out here!

Hey Vic. Read your post and if your available and could spare some time I would love to sit down with you to have a chat about very high department positions on my server. Thanks Again
Discord: PizzaPiePaulie#0230

About: The Highpoint RP community was founded in late December of 2020 by our Owner and Co-Owner. We are a new community seeking the gain members who share a common interest in Grand Theft Auto 5 RolePlay. We are a family based community who seek to create the next vision of GTA 5 Roleplay.

All individuals who seek to join the HighPoint Roleplay community will be required to fill out the HighPoint RP community Application. After the individual fills out the application the individual will receive an email containing the status of their application within 24 hours once it has been reviewed by our recruiting team. Included in the email will be a link to our public recruiting discord. Here you will meet with the HighPoint Community owner and Co-owner for a general interview upon your application being approved.

To Apply:

Fill out our application and wait for response via email.


Highpoint RP Community Application Form

Community Rules & Regulations Guide (Required to abide by) HighPoint Role-play Community Rules & Regulations Guide - Google Документи The HighPoint Community welcomes you as an applicant for the HighPoint RolePlay FiveM…

Recruitment Information:

  • LEO Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • FD Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • CIV Applications - OPEN - applications in very high demand. 16+
  • Dispatch Applications - OPEN applications in very high demand. 16+

Hey! Feel free to check out Allegiance Roleplay, we are on our path to 200 members, and have full server nearly everyday with patrols lasting very late and all day.

Join Us!

G’Day mate would love to have ya as our PD number 2/2iC contact me for more info on here or Discord: GhostJustice#9999