POWER RP / HIRING WHITE LIST JOBS / Custom Properties LIVE ANYWHERE & 150 Custom Cars / Unique Drug System / Active Staff / Custom Crafting System / Streamer Friendly

What is PowerRP?

Power RP is an established roleplay community that was founded on the 1st of February 2020 with two highly motivated developers who aimed to bring a realistic, ethical and enjoyable roleplay experience to the FiveM community. After initially starting off as a small project, Power RP has expanded far past this and continues to bring new, improved features to enhance the roleplaying experience along with features and updates the community requests and voices for.

Power RP aims to allow each player to create a virtual life where they can create a character who they always managed to be and live their wildest dreams, in simpler terms we try to keep everything within the limits of how your real life would be but in the limits of the Los Santos and the Grand Theft Auto world. The Power RP team is always active and looking for new features and ideas that we know the Power RP community will love.

As we progress into 2021, one of our main goals is to of course get up to a moderate amount of active players at all times. Another goal of ours is to continue development & bring custom and unique features to our community.

Some other goals include:

  • Revised businesses that allow full interaction

  • Revised looting system

  • Revised inventory/crafting system

  • Revised player abilities and attribute/leveling system

  • An improved drug system with never before seen drugs

  • Pets

  • Expanding our community

Main Features:

  • Active Staff and Community

  • Live Anywhere With Custom Interiors

  • Realistic Economy With Reasonable Prices (US Based)

  • Anti-cheat Detection Software

  • Vigorous Drug System

  • Numerous Ways To Make Money Aside From Whitelist

  • Realistic Vehicle Handling

  • Highly & Organized Trained Whitelist Services

  • Custom Clothing and Uniforms

  • Custom Vehicles Fully Customizable & Financing Options

  • Purchasable Aircraft’s

  • Multi-Characters Allowing Each Player To Live Up To 4 Lives!

Whitelist Jobs:

  • Gang’s

  • Dynasty 8

  • Weazel News (Coming Soon)

  • Vanilla Unicorn (Coming Soon)

  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport (Car Dealer)

  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

  • Emergency Medical Services & Fire (EMS/Fire Services)

  • San Andreas Public Defender’s Office (Lawyers) (Coming Soon)

  • Los Santos Transportation Department (Taxi / Uber / Limo / Local Bus Driver) (Coming Soon)

  • Benny’s Motorworks & Customs (Mechanics / Vehicle Modifications)

Passive Jobs

  • Dock Worker

  • Miner

  • Taco Delivery Driver

  • City Works

  • Deliverer

  • Garbage Man

  • GoPostal

  • Truck Driver

We are glad you’re joining us!

Since we currently don’t have any official website, we are limited right now to Discord, here you can find our basic info and server information which includes all of our rules, information and how to play guide, which should assist you in getting started in Power RP.

Since starting Power RP in 2020, two talented friends have teamed up to develop and bring their ideas to life by working hard & continuously everyday. With that being said, these five friends spontaneously one day were sick of playing on other servers and holding back their ideas so they created their own discord and FiveM server. From it’s programming, map editing, vehicle development or Discord development, we’re always looking for talented individuals to assist the Power RP team out with this everlasting project.

If you feel you have what it takes and may have some unique skills to provide to our community and its development and bring a new set of skills & ideas to the team, feel free to drop by our discord and open a ticket in #Support explaining so. Our Discord will be provided if you’re interested Discord: https://discord.gg/Ts6M6X5 Please note, this is a community effort, do not contact me with paid offers or negotiations of pay for work, this is solely against FiveM’s TOS and we are not interested.

Thanks for taking an interest in Power RP and taking the time to read through this, we look forward to seeing you soon. - The Power RP Team


Thank you for everyone who reached out but we are still looking!

shaz#9646 add me

Hello we updated!

Server is nearing release and we are in need of people to fill essential roles!

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Yes for sure! Cannot wait :slight_smile:

No generally this community is chill and is as realistic as f*** - the cars and the scripts to the uniforms to the services are spot on please if ur readin’ my comment please consider joining! :+1: :+1:

Very much appreciated! We have a wonderful team and we are still looking for multiple positions to be filled! Please consider joining everyone :heart:

Hello everyone, just an update we are still looking for members for our community and talented individuals for our team as we are approaching our final stretch of the server! <3


Still looking for Whitelist positions to be filled

Hello everyone this is just an update from one of the founders of Power RP we are reaching our final stretch a lot has been implemented into the server and we thank everyone for their patience at this time we are still looking for specific applicants for head white list jobs & staff positions and most importantly building up our community! Check us out the worse that can happen is we don’t interest you but hey, you wont know until you check us out! Much Love <3

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Cannot Wait! City is looking insane.


Thank you very much we are glad you are sticking with us! <3

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City is looking great, can not wait till full release!


Thank you! We cant wait for you to see the final result :slight_smile:

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I’m super excited for launch. I’ve seen how hard everyone has been working to put everything together. It’s makes buying GTA5 just for this all that more worth it.


Thank you so much :smiley: , we are just as excited as our community members! thanks for being awesome. :upside_down_face:

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cant wait its gonna be a good one

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Appreciate you Owen! A lot of good things we have for you buddy :smiley: