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                **Post Gaming Roleplay (PGRP)**

Discord Invite Link <-------Click this to join our discord server

Right now, we are doing an open recruitment so we can get more members into the server. This means you will not need to fill out an application to join. Just send a message to Zolrest and he will be able to assist you with that.

This is what we have for you when you join:

• Full working CAD
• The ability to learn new things.
• The ability to grow in skills.
• The ability to meet new people.
• The chance for new experiences.
• Fun, Legit, Realistic RPs.
• Plenty of Departments and Sub-divisions.

The divisions we have:
Law Enforcement:

• San Andreas Highway Patrol
• Blaine County Sheriff Office (Needs Department Head)
• Los Angeles Police Department (Needs Department Head)

Other Emergency Services:

• San Andreas Fire Department (Needs Department Head)

Additional Options To Choose From:

• Communications Department (Needs Department Head)
• Civilian Operations (Needs Department Head)

PGRP is a FiveM community looking for legit members. All departments open and we are also open for new department/ division suggestions. So why not join and have fun roleplaying with us as a community. We have a CAD System, a economy system, we have RP Schedules & more…

Only requirements:

• 13+.
• Legal Copy Of GTA V. [Except From Communications]
• Realistic & Legit Roleplay.

So why not join and try it out. Maybe something amazing will happen, you’ll never know unless you give us a chance.

Join our discord, applications are still open.

Could I have new invite link?

This post is VERY old, if u are interested in joining us still please feel free to join here:

can i have one if you still would like some dispatch

We have rebranded. ← All Germanboys

New Link: Post Gaming Roleplay | FiveM Roleplay

Post updated with new info

Join the server, we still need department heads, staff and more members.

Updated Post