Possible to stream EUP mod from server?

I was wondering if anyone had ever considered trying to stream this mod: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8151-emergency-uniforms-pack/ from a server at all? I just tried it myself but for some reason now whenever i start the server, it just closes down when i click run. I don’t know where to find a log file to tell me what the issue is with it but im sure it has something to do wih how i just tried extracting all the model and texture files from EUP and tried to stream them.

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EUP requires Rage Plugin Hook, which is not supported by Five Reborn.

Oh i understand that the RPH part of it wont work, i wont be able to pull up the menu. What I am talking about though is streaming the model data, and using the trainer to spawn the character clothing options. What I did was I went into SP, built my EUP clothing options, and saved them to the trainer, since it will port over to fivereborn. To my understanding, all EUP does is replace the model data for some of the MP characters clothing options. My thought process was that since it replaced that data, you could stream it, and build the character usig the trainer.

It may work, or at least the way you explained it sounds like it could work. You can stream ped models server side, same as cars and weapons.

I have never used EUP, but it sounds like it may rely on the menu for the clothing and extras. So you can build your ped how you want it, extract it and place it on your server but you will not have the option to customize it.

Is it posible to stream a full dlc.rpf file? I tried it and I didnt get any error, but its not loading the models from what I can tell. The EUP mod also makes a change to the file dlclist.xml. Can you have a modified dlclist.xml client side? If so where would it go?

You cannot stream full RPF files.

Ah okay then. Problem I’m having is that the server shuts down immediately after loading the extracted files. Hmm, probably something to do with how the mod is laid out and makes it so that it’s not compatable with how Fivereborn streams. Thank you for your help, I’m gonna do a lil bit more experimenting, but I doubt I will be lucky. The only other way I could think to do it would be to do a client side openiv.asi based mod setup, however I cant ever get openiv.asi to work for me, even with the name change trick that I’ve read about. @deziel0495 I don’t suppose you could tell me exactly how to setup mods.asi could you?

did you have any luck with this???

yeah EUP would be cool on fiveM, keep us posted

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