[Possible] 911 Dispatch GPS

Curious how difficult the coding would be to create it so that when i am RP officer and are in route to 911 call location and need backup/assistance i could send my marker to other officers by press of key? Or is this something someone has already came up with or completed.

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Doesn’t sound hard at all. At the press of a key it would send an event to the server with your player id, then pass another event off to the other clients (other cops you want to see it) to create a blip on their sides.

Would be a nice feature :slight_smile:

I have been ready tutorials on creating LUA scripts but I am no where close lol

Has this been created?

Or anyone can help me a little push in the right direction?

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Same, I’d love to know if something like this is possible

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Anybody found anything yet?

insanely easy to make, just do it yourself. send an event to the server with your waypoint and display the waypoint to other officers.

I wish i could, not good with coding lol

This has been released and is close to it.